Stress, Addiction, and Drug Rehab

In a world where technology allows us to do so much at once, it seems that if you’re not multitasking you’re doing something wrong. In addition to a career and a family, many people do volunteer work and pursue a degree as well as countless other activities that pull them in all directions possible. Hefty ‘to do’ lists though can cause stress, and although the human body has adapted to handle certain levels of it, stress can cause headaches, indigestion, and trouble sleeping. To relax people may turn to alcohol or drugs, but often this can become habit-forming; you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do, so you use alcohol or drugs at the first sign of stress. The next time you feel stressed

First Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism does not just happen overnight. The journey from the first stages to the final stage, addiction, will take time. Unfortunately, alcohol has become widely accepted throughout the world. This has caused many people to ignore the fact that they could be on the path to alcoholism. Those who do question whether or not they may have a problem, have a greater chance of quitting before it becomes out of control. It is important to become aware of the initial first signs of alcoholism; this not only helps the actual individual at risk, but also the concerned loved ones around them. Most people are able to drink alcohol socially and never fall victim to alcohol abuse or addiction.However, t

Enabling Addiction

Many situations that involve a drug or alcohol addiction, a loved one is enabling the addiction. Before one can understand how they are enabling an addict, they must understand what it means. Enabling an addiction occurs when loved ones try to “help” an addict, when in actuality they are not helping at all. The enabler takes away any consequences from the addict’s behavior, these consequences are crucial because they may drive the addict to want to change. In other words an addict is able to get away with anything because there is always someone there to clean up their mess. Who Enables an Addiction? Many people assume that only a close family member or friend can enable an addiction. Howeve

Are Antidepressants Addictive?

There is an increasing debate as to whether or not antidepressants are addictive. Some scientists and researchers state that antidepressants do cause a user to develop a tolerance and an addiction while others state the opposite. What are Antidepressants? Antidepressants are a type of prescription medication that helps to reduce symptoms of certain disorders by correcting chemical imbalances of neurotransmitters in the brain. Disorders in which an antidepressant may be prescribed to treat include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, agitation, OCD, social anxiety disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder. A Few Well Know Brand Names Some well known brand names include Paxil, Celex

Risks of Injecting Drugs

Injecting drugs is a common method where a substance is injected into a person’s body using a hollow needle and a syringe; such as, heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, and buprenorphine. Drugs are normally injected into a vein, but can also be intramuscular or subcutaneous. The most common names referring to drug injection are shooting, slamming, blasting, or banging. Why is Injection Preferred? Injection is the preferred method used by some drug users; because, the full effects of the drug are experienced almost instantaneously. Users can do the same amount of a drug that can be orally ingested or smoked, but will get a stronger by injecting it. Risks of Injecting Drugs By injecting it, the user

How to Build a Strong Support Network

Having a strong support network can make recovery and life much easier for anyone who is suffering with addiction. As a recovering addict rebuilds their life and their self, a support network can help to motivate and encourage them. A strong support network includes the first people that the recovering addict may need when they end up in a difficult situation, when they need help or motivation to make an important decision, or when they have something to discuss or share. The Seven Rules As every recovering addict knows, building a strong support network is crucial to recovery. There are various rules to follow when building a strong support network. A recovering addict should take each of t

Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction: Financial

Marijuana or otherwise known as cannabis is a heavily used drug that millions of people around the world are addicted to. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the consequences that a marijuana addiction may have. The second part of our consequences of a marijuana addiction series will focus on the financial aspects that most addicts will endure. The Financial Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction Financial Consequence 1: Actual Cost of Marijuana One of the biggest costs of a marijuana addiction is the drug itself. When a person is addicted to this drug and is forced with the decision of purchasing a bag of weed or putting the money in the bank, they will most likely purchase the weed. A

Understanding Emotions: Guilt Vs. Shame

It is very common for those trying to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction to also suffer from other negative emotions; such as, guilt or shame. This may be partly due to the actions and consequences of their behaviors in which then took part in while being under the influence. Having feelings of guilt or shame can prove to be a major barrier when trying to recover from an addiction; thus it is important to understand what these two emotions are, how they can correlate to addiction, and what one can do to overcome them. Being able to recognize the difference between guilt and shame can allow a person to move more quickly to a healthy place of healing and recovery. Guilt vs. Shame Oftentimes,

Reasons Why Some People Use Drugs and Alcohol

It is a question that many loved ones of addicts ask counselors, therapists, and doctors; why does a person use drugs or drink alcohol? For those that do not consume any of these harmful substances it is very difficult for them to understand the reasons why other people do. Before we begin to examine the most common reasons why people use drugs or drink alcohol, it is important to understand that every person will have their own unique reasons. Reason 1: Peer Pressure Oftentimes, we associate peer pressure and drug and alcohol use with adolescents. Although many young people use because of peer pressure, adults too may use because their friends do it. It commonly begins with experimentation

Alcohol Addiction: Common Risk Factors for Becoming an Alcoholic

Alcoholism is a destructive disease that affects communities around the world. Men and women across the world are battling an addiction to alcohol. Some researchers believe that it’s caused by biological factors while others believe that alcoholism is influenced by environmental factors. Whatever the cause, alcoholism is a destructive disease that affects not just the individual but the family too. So what are some of the common risk factors for developing an addiction to alcohol? Family history with alcohol:- If your parent or other family members suffered from an addiction to alcohol, you are at a much greater risk for becoming an alcoholic. Within your blood line you carry certain traits

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask About Their Substance Use

Determining whether your substance use is problematic can be tricky. These questions can help you discover whether you need help. Are you using just a little too much, or do you have a serious substance use problem? Do you want that glass of wine or joint at the end of a long day, or do you need it? Do you need treatment? Gauging whether you have an addiction — officially know as substance use disorder — can be tricky, especially since the progression of the disease is gradual. You may have started off using substances in a controlled and healthy way, but realized over time that you’re not sure you’re in control any more. If you’re trying to honestly assess your substance use, these 5 questi

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