Talking to Children about Addiction and Recovery

Talking to your children about your past addictions and recovery can be daunting. How old should they be? How do you tell them? What should you say? Find out here. Talking to your children and teens about your addiction history and recovery is daunting. How much do I share? Should I wait until they are older? What is the best thing to say? While avoiding the conversation altogether may be tempting, it is both necessary and healthy to talk to your kids openly about addiction and recovery. Make it Age-Appropriate It is never too early to begin having conversations about drugs, alcohol and addiction. This does not mean sharing every detail of your personal path of addiction. Instead focus on fi

Be Careful How and What You Say to a Recovering Addict

Using certain types of language when talking to addicts can both aid and hinder recovery. Learn how to help an addict with these language tips. Addiction has such a long history, and has affected every group of persons, that there is an abundance of language to talk about it. Portrayals and discussions of substance abuse and other addictions have spread far into mainstream culture, and are not simply the purview of those affected by addiction. It is little wonder that most people, whether or not they have been acquainted with addiction, have some knowledge of how to talk about it. The question is what language will best support those going through the recovery process. Sometimes, unintentio

Keep Your Kids Safe from Substance Abuse in the New School Year

Millions of underage teens around the world abuse alcohol and drugs each year. Make sure your teen isn’t one of them. Back-to-school season is a flurry of activity for parents of adolescents and teenagers. Clothes, electronics, accessories, and signing up for extra classes can make an already busy schedule seem overwhelming. And yet it is important to be mindful of the limits and expectations we set for our children, if they are to successfully navigate the peer pressure they may encounter at school. In this blog post we’d like to endorse Psychentral’s guidelines to help ensure your children stay substance free in the coming school year. #1 Set Firm Limits About Alcohol Use Children learn mu

What Is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction has been in the spotlight quite a lot recently, with new studies and cases popping up all over the globe. But many people are still unsure about what sex addiction actually is, and what behaviours constitute the disease. What exactly is sex addiction? Best described as a behavioural disorder, the addict has compulsive sexual thoughts and actions. As time goes on, the disorder gets progressively worse (as with all addictions) while the addict’s life and relationships start to deteriorate due to his/her acting out. Two clear indicators of the addictive behaviour is the need to increase the intensity and/or time spent on the behaviour in order to achieve the desired results. What

Do any of your employees have an addiction problem?

Are you in a management position? Do you think that one of your employees might have an addiction problem? Find out what to do about it here. What can employers do when their employees have a substance or alcohol addiction? Addiction does not only affect personal life. It affects every aspect of a person’s functioning, including work. Indeed, most addicts are gainfully employed, so understanding how to respond to addiction in the workplace is essential for managers and coworkers. And for those who are suffering from addiction, understanding how others may respond to you at work can be an aid to your recovery process. Here is a roundup of tips for those in management positions when faced with

Dating in Recovery: Tips for Recovering Addicts

Dating in addiction recovery can lead to relapse. Use these tips for dating in recovery to ensure you stay sober, healthy and strong. Let’s face it, dating can be stressful no matter who you are. How do you spark up a conversation with someone you find interesting? And where exactly do you meet these interesting people? How do move from casual friendship to dating once you do meet someone Then there’s the rollercoaster ride of new love– sure to be full of strong emotions that all seem to flow together: excitement, uncertainty, passion, anxiety, happiness, fear. Add being in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction to the mix and the prospect of dating quickly becomes overwhelming. But, da

PTSD Treatment Co-Current with Addiction Treatment

Many people suffering from PTSD are also suffering from addiction – which is why addiction and PTSD treatment are often done co-currently. There are many factors which can pre-dispose people to substance abuse. One psychological condition frequently associated with alcoholism and drug abuse is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). What is PTSD? PTSD is a condition of prolonged stress after an individual is involved with or witnesses a highly stressful event. Events which may lead to PTSD include: Military conflict Childhood Trauma Sexual assault Accidents Violence Natural Disasters Other acute stressors When such negative events occur, the individual is typically overwhelmed by fear, anxiet

Codependency and Addiction: Symptoms and Treatment

Healing from addiction is difficult for every addict, but when codependency and addiction occur together, recovery can be even more difficult. Here, you will learn what codependency is, the relationship between codependency and addiction, and treatment for codependency with and without addiction. First, let’s consider the basics: What is Codependency? Codependency is a relationship pattern which sees one person putting another’s needs before their own. When codependency and addiction occur together, the two behaviours can reinforce one another. To further explain, we’ll say that two people are dating. The first person has an addiction to alcohol. In codependent relationships, this is the “ad

10 Tips for Staying Sober During the Holidays

The holiday season can be an extremely challenging time for recovering addicts. Endless holiday parties, shopping, expectations from friends and family, and past memories of indulging in drugs and alcohol during this time, are all stressors that can make it seem as though the world is testing your hard earned sobriety. While stressful for most, the time surrounding Christmas and New Year’s doesn’t have to be at odds with your commitment to staying sober, but it is a time to be extra vigilant about your recovery. Staying Sober During the Holidays Recognizing that the risk for relapse is higher during this time, and making a plan for yourself is one of the best ways you can keep on track as yo

Marijuana Addiction and its Effects

Marijuana addiction affects millions of people across the U.S. Find out more about addiction symptoms and how to quit marijuana if you’re currently using. Changes to marijuana laws in the United States have made it easier than ever to acquire cannabis. According to a national study conducted in the United States in 2013, there were 4.2 million people classified as dependent on or having a marijuana addiction. Daily or almost daily use of marijuana increased from 5.1 million people in 2005 to 8.1 million people in 2013. But the debate of whether or not marijuana addiction is even possible is still going strong. To further understand why marijuana can actually be addictive, we must take a look

Party Sober: Party Planning Tips for Your Next Sober Party

Your guide on how to Party Sober. These party planning tips will ensure your next party is a hit – substance free! Being sober doesn’t mean being boring. Go to a party sober a few times and you might find it can be even more fun than being intoxicated. If you are in recovery you either party sober, or don’t party at all— and while it may seem impossible at first, you can host and attend parties that are not only drug and alcohol free, but fun too! While planning your first substance free party you may quickly realize how much entertaining generally revolved around alcohol in the past and feel lost and overwhelmed about trying to pull off a successful party without it. We suggested throwing y

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