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What Makes Us The Best Rehab in India?

Innovative Treatment Modalities

A lot still needs to be done in the field of Drug addiction treatment in India. Being Asia's premiere organization that practices Therapeutic Community in its purest form, Shafa Home has been nurturing the most ideal treatment modalities as part of deaddiction treatment since more than two decades.

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Yoga and Meditation

There is enough evidence that suggests that the role of Yoga and Meditation in Substance Abuse Recovery cannot be ignored. Every day at Shafa begins with an hour-long session of Yoga, Meditation and various kriyas that benefit the brain and the body.

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Not only does Swimming play the role of a natural relaxant for residents, it also helps them enjoy a peaceful and relaxing feeling to help relieve stress and worry.

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Cycling Club

There is a reason why we consider cycling to be one of the most therapeutic activities at Shafa. Whether you're riding a bike for the first time or you're just learning to stay sober using healthy habits, the idea of riding a bike with a group of positive friends is something that can only be cherished.

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Nature Walks

Walking regularly is a great way to instantly relieve stress, boost your mood and body image too in the long run. It's a necessary ingredient to keep you away from negative patterns during early sobriety.

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Dance & Cultural Club

The purpose here is not to make you a reality show winner, even though you'll see your skills improve drastically. Our dance therapists use movement as a type of intervention to help individuals relax and open up. Known as a universal language, dance has the ability to help you express your deepest emotions in 

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Shafa Natya Manch

From Theatre & Mime to Music Classes, there is a plethora of Performing Arts and Cultural Activities to explore in Shafa Cultural Club. Every moment spent in Shafa brings a learning curve, so there aren't any dull moments during treatment.

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Shafa Sports Complex

With our newly built Shafa Sports Complex, we have achieved a long-awaited dream, of a dedicated sports arena where residents can feel a sense of belonging. With a multi-sport facility, Shafa boasts of its very own stadium, that will be fully functional by the end of this year.

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Adventure Sports

Putting excitement into recovery is a crucial part of treatment at Shafa. Even though it would only be fair to say that every day is full of excitement in Shafa, yet we believe an occasional trekking tour in Kashmir, or a river-rafting expedition uphill is always a good idea. Not only does it serve as a mood enhancer, it gives the residents a completely different perspective towards life!

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