How To Control Your Urges

It takes many years to develop certain traits that shape our personality and our perspective. Various factors come together such that an attitude is formed and based upon that, we bring about some changes in the situation with our actions. Let’s understand this through a short story. Once there was village, where everything was in a mess. It was losing its resources and was being tagged as a poor village. People fought a lot there. There was never a solution if a problem arose. It was slowly walking towards ruins. Then there came a sage who started preaching peace and harmony. He used to stay calm and composed in every situation. Everyone in the village started falling ill and weak. They did

Fear- A Friend Or A Foe For An Addict?

I remember that there were moral value classes in my school and it was decided that we would be taught Bhagwad Geeta to instill certain ethics in us, which would be beneficial in the long run. I would like to share the same here before we come to the main point. So there was a time when Lord Krishna told Arjun, who was supposed to fight for his territory, that he would be killed by his fears before he would even start fighting the war! So he was asked to gather all his strength and fight with full might- first with his fear and then with the opponent army. The reason I have brought this point here is that fear indeed is the biggest enemy of human beings and most of the times we lose our life

The Role Of The Brain In Addiction

Technology has its mighty hand over every field in the world now. And since the base of technology is science, so how could medical sector not undergo changes! Neuroscience has always been an area of immense complexities and curiosities. Advances in this sector has allowed doctors to dig deeper into the brain and even study minutest of changes that happen due to substance intake. When we talk about addiction as a brain disease, the reward system of the brain plays a very important role. Physiologically, limbic system is the brain's reward system. Mesolimbic and mesocortical pathways (Mid-brain) have our cognitive control and functions which would be both reward related and aversion related.

Medicine To A Long Recovery

If you are one of those people who say that there is no such thing called magic, then I would like to close your eyes once and imagine the following things: An infant playing by himself in a crib, smiling and laughing at something he does not even know about A puppy and a kitten playing together Your mother telling you in the afternoon that she would be cooking bottle gourd but when you reach home, you see your favorite dish on dinner table Meeting a childhood friend after many years, in an unexpected place. Eating your favorite candy after 20 years Staying close to the nature, feeling every drop of rain, smelling the petrichor (fragrance of mud in the air after a spell of rain), seeing beau

Socializing and Staying In Recovery

There have been various scientific studies that call human beings as animals. I do not exactly know the origin, but sociology has tagged human beings as Social Animals. Although I believe in a different philosophy which considers animals and humans as completely different beings, but I would agree to the animal tag to a basic extent. Animal instincts are to just live for oneself, and as Charles Darwin researched- the rule of Survival Of The Fittest is practiced in the Jungle. But human beings are social, and so they are bound to help each other and live together for mutual benefits. Yes there are selfish motives also somewhere in us, which might have lead to this affix of Animal with our spe

Money Managing For Recovering Addicts

The biggest fight in the world today is for money. People are worried because they have it and they can’t manage it in the right way; and people are worried because they don’t have it and want to earn it enough to live a good life. An addict has no sense of how money is to be used, so he blows it all up for his substance. But when he gets into recovery, he gets an understanding through the therapeutic sessions and counseling, that money is a serious and a delicate matter. In Shafa Home, in 4th stage of the treatment, i.e. the rehabilitation stage, our residents are given this responsibility of carrying a good amount of money and shop for the requirements of the center. This way, he is able t

Binge Drinking and Alcohol Overdose

“I like the taste of it” “I like the kick it gives to my mood” It relaxes me after a tiresome day” and more than thousands of reasons people give, just to drink! It is by their will that they start, but that will power slowly gets dissolved in alcohol and they get dependent on it. Thousands of people die each year due to alcohol overdose. The reason might sound too shocking, which is, its symptoms are too slow to be understood! We are stating a few signs that would help you to identify if you or your loved ones are overdosing on alcohol. Alcohol has a great social acceptability and hence many people fail to consider it as a matter of substance abuse or addiction. And since it is legal in

Role of Family in Addiction Recovery

We all are aware of the life and living cycle of a human being. Between birth and death, there is a lot that happens which shapes our identity. There are certain traits which are inbuilt or inherited and then there are some characters that we build as we go through certain states and situations, which add-on to our identity at various points of time. Now my question here is- What do you identify your first identity as? Birth; your name given by your family; schooling on the basis of parents’ name; college on the basis of your parents’ name and your marks; your resume requires’ your family details; your bio-data for marriage needs your family details. So everywhere, the family stands first, w

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