Why Shafa Home

The answer to this question comes from the experiences of those who have already participated in our program and the reputation that we have earned as India’s oldest and largest detoxification, correction and rehabilitation centre. It is our unique culture that boasts of the highest recovery rate out of all the de-addiction centers in India. In a recent follow up conducted thru home visits and a telephonic survey, it was found that around 81% of the people who completed their treatment at Shafa remained in recovery. This in itself is a phenomenal success compared to the average national figure of 20 - 30%.


We firmly believe that the major reason for a high relapse-rate in other rehabilitation centers is that most of them are medicine-based programs that cater to only the biological aspect of the disease.  They simply detoxify the person off his chemical dependence and declare him as fit. However, this is just a temporary solution. Addiction is a disease that affects four dimensions of a person’s well-being, i.e. Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual. At Shafa, our philosophy of love, care, concern is endorsed by an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on the restoration of all these four dimensions.


Indeed, the latest trend worldwide is to help the alcohol/drug dependents rediscover who they are and what matters to them by bringing spiritual and psychological awakening in them during treatment. Along with this, it is imperative to provide them with the necessary skills that will help them in achieving the highest possible levels of self-dependence and quality of life. Based on this holistic module, we at Shafa proudly foster an awareness of quality and productive lifestyle into each individual. We also have in place a well-designed de-addiction treatment for women.


Treatment at Shafa is an innovative and novel approach, success of which is attributed to the fact that WE DO NOT PERMIT THE USE OF ANY MOOD-ALTERING SUBSTANCE in any of our facilities. We believe in 100 % abstinence from day one. Sadly, many other de-addiction centers permit their residents to smoke cigarettes and chew tobacco too, besides the use of different mood altering substances. They ignore the fact that addiction is progressive, and that use of one mood-altering substance leads to another, and so on. On the contrary, we are very particular about our ethics and discipline and will never allow the use of any mood-altering substance in any of our facilities. Our detoxification is a chemical-free natural healing process carried out thru the practice of YOGA and the process of cleansing thru various yogic techniques.

Yoga lays emphasis on building a spiritual connection through meditation and prayer. Due to addiction, a huge load of anger gets accumulated on a person’s mind, which is dangerous for both his physical as well as mental health. Not only is yoga a natural mood-enhancer, but is also a fabulous way to release aggression and tension. By exercising yoga on a regular basis, a person can achieve peace and tranquility, and also be in charge of his impulsive behavior.

We at Shafa are pleased to offer yoga as a detoxification tool to help residents in making a fresh start in their lives away from their respective addictions.


Shafa Home is India’s only “Treatment & Rehabilitation” centre where Therapeutic Community is used in its purest form. TC is a worldwide approach with a history of over 200 years. We use the science and art of TC Model as a treatment modality not only for people suffering with alcohol/drug abuse, but also for those with behavioral problems as well secondary addictions like gambling, internet, being spendthrift and other behavioral disorders, thereby enabling them to grow personally and lead a secure life.


During treatment, a resident is subjected to various behavior shaping tools to keep a check on his inappropriate behaviors. He is reminded about the negative aspects of his undesirable attitudes using verbal reprimand as a behavior modification tool. Through lectures, group discussions, and individual counseling, he begins to learn about moral values, relationships, social responsibilities, and most importantly, his role in the family system. An effective Anger Management session helps him surrender the six feelings of pain, shame, anger, guilt, hurt and fear that often hold him in the shackles of addiction.


Every now and then, we experiment with different treatment modalities to stimulate the residents’ psychological adjustment into the treatment. This unique practice is what brings us one step ahead of the traditional methods of rehabilitation.


Our treatment modalities also include:-


Dance: We use dance as a therapy to enhance body-mind co nnectivity while infusing self awareness and self esteem into our residents. Over time, we found that dance also serves as a beneficial tool for the residents to reduce anxiety and increase mobility.


Theatre: We have professional theatre artists who conduct specialized classes to enhance the residents’ form of expression and way of celebrating life. By slipping into their roles, the residents gain the ability to let go of their inhibitions and try out new ways of behaving without any consequences.


Bakery: We boast of our own bakery unit that serves to enhance the residents’ creative skills, while offering a way of economic rehabilitation for the future. Believe it or not, nothing beats an oven-baked fresh bakery!


Survival and endurance camps: That’s right. We also take residents out in the woods to enjoy the nature. When residents complete the tasks and challenges given to them during camping, they learn to survive in adverse conditions not just in the jungle, but in their lives too.


At Shafa, Family Association Meetings (FAM) offer valuable support to families of Shafa residents to protect their own mental and emotional health while promoting the residents’ recovery. We believe that support from loved ones is a mandate for staying sober long term. So, at Shafa we provide a thorough understanding of the disease to the family members to give them peace of mind of knowing that they are doing everything they can to help their loved one. Many a time, family members of the residents build a false perception about the nature of the disease due to lack of awareness. While ignoring the real facts may help them in the short term, in the long run they leave both the family and the addict living in chaos.


Family is not just an integral part of one’s lives; it’s the biggest asset that one has. Addiction destroys families as much as it destroys addicts. We understand that witnessing a loved one’s spiral into addiction can be heart-wrenching, so during our meetings, we help families practice effective communication tools to eradicate their inefficiencies to cope with conflicting situations in the family. Using each other’s experiences, families can also gain strength and resolve their issues by example and faith. Families get to benefit from the bi-monthly Family Assistance Programs (FAP) and Counseling Meetings while their loved one is still in treatment.


At Shafa, therapists evaluate the resident upon admission and develop a treatment plan for him; one that has a participatory approach to keep him involved in constructive activities. An alcohol/drug dependent’s usual habit is to isolate himself from social gatherings like family functions. At Shafa, this habit of being in one’s own self is replaced with zeal to interact with peers and enjoy group activities, while rehabilitating the resident socially.  We always advocate the idea of residents to get socially reintegrated.  As a resident moves ahead in his treatment and becomes senior; he not only garners privileges based on his accountability but also gets ready for reintegration back into society. It helps him practice what he has learnt from treatment; and is a very important phase of the treatment. These new strategies help provide the residents with new opportunities to re-establish themselves back into the mainstream of society as a better person. Be it a simple dance session out in the rain or going out to watch a movie, the message that we want to send across is that if we let go that one thing (addiction) and enjoy the thousands of better things in life, life can be as beautiful as it used to be before addiction. On top of all, spending a day away from the safety net of the Shafa  facility; and in the open hostile world; it is a test of true grit and mettle for our residents.