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Shafa Home is India’s Leading rehabilitation Centre that offers a number of services to its patients in order to make them free from addiction. A partial list of our services is given below –



We are one of the few in the country who treat detoxification without any mood altering substance. We offer a nicotine-free environment, and our detoxification process is purely natural.



Drug De-addiction Treatment 

Our program is not just based on treating drug addiction, we basically treat dependency. Be it alcohol, gambling, internet, being spendthrift or simply form of dependency, our single point program is to treat dependency.



Substance Abuse Counselling

With our 15 years of experience, we are specialised in the field of counselling. Our counsellors are equipped with virtue of their experience and working in this field, and are the best among the rest. We also have people who have been in addiction as live examples. They are called peer counsellors.



Treatment and Rehabilitation for Females

In our society, there must be separate facilities for men and women taking the treatment under one roof. Hence, even though we have kept the treatment modalities as same for women, but their stay and night facilities are separate from males.



Yoga and Meditation

We are the pioneers of the idea of using Yoga and Naturopathy as a treatment modality. These indigenous sciences serve as pillars of our detoxification plan, helping the resident in recovering from his disease naturally.



Correction and Behaviour Modification

We believe that addiction is a problem of behaviours. It is a problem of being irresponsible, of not expressing your feelings,  of not understanding other’s feelings, of being impatient, etc. Therefore at Shafa, we do a behaviour modification/correction program which ensures a person’s long time recovery.


Dual diagnosis

As our treatment is based on changing the behaviour and attitudes of a person, we also provide treatment for people living with psychiatric disorders and the problem of addiction together.

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