From The CEO's Desk


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Mr. Ranjan Dhar
Chief Executive Officer

With an experience of over two decades in de-addiction and social work, Mr. Dhar is the forerunner of our dynamic team. His focus on building an environment based on dignity is what makes others passionate about working with Shafa. Through his innovative solutions, Mr. Dhar has spearheaded countless community-based programs to promote education and awareness in the society while simultaneously inspiring other organizations in the field of social work not just in India, but across the globe.


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Dr. Vikas Singhal,
M.B.B.S, M.D.

DR. VIKAS SINGHAL is a qualified Mental Health Specialist who helps patients deal with various mental conditions. He is an alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College, Pune and an esteemed ex-army officer. Having an excellent track record in the Army, he has been awarded Alpha Boarding during his course. He has also served the army in Counter Insurgency Area, where he dealt with a variety of Psychiatric cases with remarkable response.

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Dr. B.K. Pandey

DR. B.K. PANDEY is a reputed physician who has been associated with Shafa for a long time now. With his expert advise, he takes continuing responsibility to serve the medical and healthcare needs of the residents. He serves as a strong advocate of the treatment while coordinating the use of any medication that is given to patients during treatment and ensures that the medicine complies with the standards of our treatment program. He also ensures that any and all immediate health concerns of the residents are met with topmost priority.


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Ms. Sangeeta Khowal

Being a Professional Social Worker, MS. SANGEETA KHOWAL works extensively both with the clients (on individual level) as well as their families (on group level). So her role encompasses planning both the day-to-day activities with the clients, as well as future planning sessions with the clients' families. Ms. Khowal is a motivational speaker passionate about imparting life skills training, and she prepares the residents for real-life scenarios to maintain a lifelong recovery.

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Ms. Ayushi Dixit

Using her deep understanding of clinical psychology, MS. AYUSHI DIXIT employs various methods to form trusting therapeutic alliances with the clients. She provides support, resources & judgment-free guidance to residents on a regular basis. Having detailed history & assessment of their psychological functioning, she creates goals & treatment plants for the residents while monitoring & identifying their issues from time to time. Currently pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology, Ms. Dixit is a key facilitator in individual & group therapy sessions with her focus on active listening to always understand the subjective world of the client.

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Mr. Ankit Dhapa

MR. ANKIT DHAPA is a professional pharmacist who plays an active role in helping Shafa residents get the best results from their medications. His role is crucial from the recovery point of view, as he advises patients regarding the use, cautions & ingredients of various medicines. With his knowledge, he closely monitors the supply of medicine and is responsible for analysing their results on the health of the residents.

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Mr. Balwan Singh Rathi

With an experience of more than two decades in therapeutic communities, MR. BALWAN SINGH RATHI understands the values & ethics of the deaddiction treatment inside out. Not only does he inspire the residents to apply learning experiences from treatment in the outside world too, but he also appears to them as the perfect role model who lives by the values of love, care and concern. Because Mr. Rathi lives with the residents, he also happens to know their hearts well.

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Mr. Alok Gautam

MR. ALOK GAUTAM has more than a decade of extensive experience working with clients from diverse cultural settings in therapeutic communities across the nation. Being a skilled orator, he loves to motivate residents undergoing treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, filling them with immense positivity. Using his quick-witted personality, he helps residents to voice their issues and grow personally in treatment. Mr. Gautam is a skilled talent manager and actively helps residents in their Theatrical Performances at Shafa Natya Manch from time to time.



Mr. Kapil Jha

Mr. Jha takes care of the accounts management for Shafa and engages in a variety of tasks including strategic planning & coordination with the staff, innovative development of expansion opportunities and relationship management with the clients' families. 


Mr. Rakesh Dhankar

Mr. Dhankar is a Shafa alumni who, having found his wings in the hands of SHAFA, decided to associate with Shafa for a long time. Being a recovering addict himself, Mr. Dhankar relates well with the patients' needs during treatment, and serves as a key liaison officer.

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Mr. Tarun Gureja

As a key member of our team, Mr. Gureja ensures smooth and efficient running of the Shafa Campus. Because his share of responsibilities do not encompass any one single job function, it is not easy to define his job function in just a few words. Owing to his diverse set of skills and unlimited levels of energy, Mr. Gureja has earned the reputation of a one-man-army of SHAFA.

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Mr. Piyush Mittal

As a member of our public relations team, Mr. Mittal facilitates inter-departmental communications and also coordinates Shafa Home's activities with other organizations. He acts as the primary contact point during major events for all third-party agencies and resolves issues in communications among those groups. Mr. Mittal is also a proud alumni of Shafa.

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Ms. Sonali Singh

As our Accounts Executive, Ms. Singh acts as an important link between the organization and the clients. Being a skilled communicator, she remains in regular contact with the clients to understand and meet their needs in the best possible way.

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Mr. Jatinder Singh

Mr. Singh is our office coordinator who supervises the overall operations, including activities at the reception. While keeping stock of office supplies and placing orders, he manages all types of agendas, travel arrangements & appointments for the management. Friendly in nature, he never thinks twice before assisting his colleagues whenever necessary.

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Mr. Satinder Singh Negi

A top-notch media executive by profession, Mr. Negi is the man behind every post published on all our digital platforms. With complete knowledge of all the elements of photography and videography, he is the creative hand that works day and night to create stunning videos - of the golden moments of recovery - for our clients. He loves to appreciate the residents for their novel ideas & insights.

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Mr. Dushyant Arora

Mr. Arora is a young, dynamic & witty media expert who loves and lives to create gripping content & analyse the residents' feedback about each key undertaking. Being an active member of our therapeutic design, he collaborates with residents on various occasions & festivals to ensure both healthy participation and learning experiences for them. Mr. Arora is also a skilled chef.