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Shafa is an organization with a soul. Our ethics are not just words on a page; they are brought to life by our dedicated team every day.

Mr. Ranjan Dhar

Shafa is an Urdu word, which means ‘power of healing’. Based on the oldest and most effective model of healing, Shafa Home acts as a harbinger of hope, self-realization and true happiness for hundreds of recovering alcohol/drug dependents. Shafa, a non-profit organization, goes one step ahead of the traditional methods to treat addiction and behavioral disorders by using well-researched methods of healing. Volunteers who have already undergone successful treatment at Shafa and have their own personal experience into recovery make the team of our devoted staff. They are skilled in the complexities of the disease and are passionate about helping people like them recover from addiction.


Treatment at Shafa is based on a holistic module that emphasizes on the overall development of the residents. We view addiction as a disease, characterized by a dependence on substance and behaviors. Though the disease is chronic and progressive, it’s definitely treatable. WE DO NOT PERMIT THE USE OF ANY MOOD-ALTERING SUBSTANCE in any of our facilities as we believe in 100 % abstinence from day one. We feel that recovery is not a destination; it’s a journey that requires a firm commitment to abstinence from alcohol/drugs and compulsive behaviours. Above all, Shafa Home is a home away from home that assists its residents in regaining their self-esteem and self-worth. 

With our primary focus on alcohol/drug de-addiction, we also treat patients with mental illnesses and disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, psychosis and anxiety disorders. Our well-qualified team of psychiatrists is mandated with the responsibility to evaluate a resident’s mental health status, and to hold regular discussions with them to diagnose mental disorders or assess their response to treatment.

Mr. Ranjan Dhar

Founder and CEO

With an experience of over two decades in de-addiction and social work, Mr. Dhar is the forerunner of our dynamic team. His focus on building an environment based on dignity is what makes others passionate about working with Shafa. Through his innovative solutions, Mr. Dhar has spearheaded countless community-based programs to promote education and awareness in the society while simultaneously inspiring other organizations in the field of social work not just in India, but across the globe.

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Social Worker

We have a team of well-trained physicians, who take continuing responsibility to serve the medical and healthcare needs of the residents. They serve as advocates of the treatment in coordinating the use of any medication to ensure that it complies with the standards of our treatment program.



Using her education and experience Ms. Aysuhi Dixit uses a wide range of clinical and psychological tests to counsel treat mental health and emotional problems of the residents. She has an M.A. degree in Pycho-Social Clinical Studies. Ms. Ayushi holds an experience of 2 years as clinical psychologist prior to joining Shafa. 


As one of the biggest assets of Shafa, Mr. Rajeev has been an integral part of Shafa since 2002. While transforming hundreds of lives at Shafa, he has played a vital role in affecting their destiny in the most profound and meaningful way. His ability to take risks and think out of the box is a refreshing and pleasant change from the traditional views of treating addiction.


Ms. Sweety Sood is our consultant legal advisor. She helps the families cope with with the legal proceedings arising out of various domestic issues and other court cases.


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