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Reasons Why Some People Use Drugs and Alcohol

It is a question that many loved ones of addicts ask counselors, therapists, and doctors; why does a person use drugs or drink alcohol?

For those that do not consume any of these harmful substances it is very difficult for them to understand the reasons why other people do.

Before we begin to examine the most common reasons why people use drugs or drink alcohol, it is important to understand that every person will have their own unique reasons.

Reason 1: Peer Pressure

Oftentimes, we associate peer pressure and drug and alcohol use with adolescents. Although many young people use because of peer pressure, adults too may use because their friends do it.

It commonly begins with experimentation at a party or gathering and unfortunately for some, it continues from there on out; eventually leading to an addiction.

Reason 2: Boredom

We are all familiar with boredom; unfortunately, some individuals begin to experiment with drugs or alcohol simply because they are bored or feel a void in their life.

In these situations, the person is often searching for something thus leading them to believe that drugs or alcohol is the answer.

Reason 3: The Feeling

Let’s face it, if drugs or alcohol made a person feel absolutely awful every time they used-from the first time to the last-, addiction would probably not be a worldly issue.

But this is not the case; methamphetamine, prescription medications, cocaine, alcohol, etc. do make a person feel good, especially in the beginning when they begin to experiment with them.

This ‘good’ feeling is however, only temporary. Individuals seeking this feeling with drugs or alcohol often find it harder and harder to reach over time, if they continue to use and/or increase the dosage they will develop a full on addiction.

Reason 4: Energy

Some people may use certain drugs, usually amphetamines or cocaine, because they want to feel excited, stimulated, or ‘powerful’.

What these individuals do not understand is that these so called ‘energizing’ drugs induce a ‘false sense’ of power.

A person who is feeling down or lonely may use certain drugs and immediately feel a rush of energy and think they can do anything.

Of course, the reality is that they are still the same person; however, the drug is simply causing a distorted way of thinking.

Again, users who are seeking this rush and fail to realize that what they believe as being ‘new found’ energy is simply not reality, but what is reality is that the person is at risk for becoming addicted.

Reason 5: They’re Legal

Besides alcohol, there are many drugs that are legally available; many through a prescription. Due to this legality of certain substances, some individuals see no problem with excessive use.

This abuse often turns into an addiction and in worst case scenarios, the user turns to other substances, often illegal.

Reason 6: Curiosity

Curiosity is ever so powerful. From young to old, some people experiment with drugs because they are curious about what will happen.

It is simple as that; they just want to know what it’s like, why others use it. However, there are a percentage of these people that like the feeling so much that they try it again and then again, this is how building a tolerance begins and eventually ends with an addiction.

Reason 7: Enhance the Feeling

It is common for drug use to being with alcohol use. Those that are heavy alcohol users, abusers, or addicts will sometimes turn to other drugs because they are no longer satisfied with the effects of alcohol, or because they would like to enhance the feeling that alcohol provides them.

At the same time, it is not uncommon for drug users to turn to harder drugs for the same reason.


There are numerous reasons to why people may use drugs or alcohol, but the overall reason is because they like the way it makes them feel, and is the reason why they keep turning to them.

Some may be aware that what they are doing to themselves is physically and mentally harmful, while others may not.

What’s important is that their loved ones support them through any roadblocks, and tries to get them the treatment that they need in order to regain their life.

(These Articles are the sole property of “The Cabin Chiang Mai“, they are its original authors)

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