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Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction: Financial

Marijuana or otherwise known as cannabis is a heavily used drug that millions of people around the world are addicted to.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the consequences that a marijuana addiction may have.

The second part of our consequences of a marijuana addiction series will focus on the financial aspects that most addicts will endure.

The Financial Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction

Financial Consequence 1: Actual Cost of Marijuana

One of the biggest costs of a marijuana addiction is the drug itself. When a person is addicted to this drug and is forced with the decision of purchasing a bag of weed or putting the money in the bank, they will most likely purchase the weed.

As with any addiction, an addict’s tolerance will become greater and they will need more of this drug to feel the same desired high. Overtime, the monetary cost will only continue to rise.

Financial Consequence 2: Legal Expenditures

Marijuana is illegal in most areas. Therefore, when a person gets caught with marijuana they will need to deal with the law.

The person will most likely have to hire a lawyer, miss work to go to court, and pay fines.

Financial Consequence 3: Delaying Bills

A marijuana addiction may contribute to delayed or even forgotten bill payments.

Many addicts will delay or forget to pay their bills because they do not have the money to pay them, are too lazy, or are too stoned to think about it.

This can cause service disconnection, negative credit scores, and in worst case scenarios can cause legal problems.

Financial Consequence 4: Irresponsible Future Planning

Most people who are not dependent on a drug will be able to save a certain amount of money each month. They may be saving for a new car, a down payment on a house, etc.

A marijuana addict may not plan ahead or be able to put a monthly budget into their savings. Many addicts live month to month with no future plans.

Financial Consequence 5: Food

While this may not seem like a big expenditure, in fact it is. Many marijuana addicts eat a large amount of low nutrition, easy to make, high cost foods.

Addicts become less motivated to go to the grocery store and make their own food. They may go to a fast food restaurant, eat a TV dinner, or order a pizza.

All of these meals are not cheap and overtime, really add up. Many addicts will say that when they are not high, they tend to eat healthier foods like more fruits and vegetables.

Financial Consequence 6: Health

Marijuana addicts may have various health problems which may require a trip to the doctors.

With the increasing cost in the medical field a doctor visits can cost a lot of money, even with insurance.

Once a person has visited the doctor and picked up any prescriptions written, the total cost could be more than what was affordable.

The longer a person has the addiction, the more health problems they may have.

More Costly Than Most Realize

A marijuana addiction is much more costly than many people realize. Some may argue that rehab is more expensive, but in fact when taking everything into consideration, it is not.

Once the addict is in recovery, they will be able to save money that was once put towards their addiction.

This money can then be used for more positive things in their life.

(These Articles are the sole property of “The Cabin Chiang Mai“, they are its original authors)

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