The Dangers of Alcohol Detox

Why alcohol detox must be conducted under medical supervision? Alcohol detox and the need to do it in the right way Though still young, anshuman had abused drugs and alcohol for years. Even through his struggles, the rising star was a fan favorite and hilariously funny. He was smart and kind to his cast mates, family and friends. What makes his story even more heartbreaking is that he truly wanted to be free of alcohol. But he made the critical choice to detox alone, which proved fatal. The brave decision of his family to share the truth about his death helped to educate millions on the dangers of detoxing from alcohol in isolation. Fame is often a catalyst for addiction and there is no shor

How Yoga can Aid Your Recovery

Yoga studios are as common in most cities as a café latte or a smartphone charging station. Yet, while it has evolved to suit the needs of modern urbanites, the practice of yoga is quite ancient. Moreover, in its blend of mindfulness, physicality, and relaxation, Yoga can be better at relieving modern stress and addiction than other quick fixes and shortcuts. You’d be forgiven if you thought that Yoga was an exercise routine sprouted in some loft space in New York, London, or Los Angeles. Yoga studios are as common in most cities as a café latte or a smartphone charging station. Yet, while it has evolved to suit the needs of modern urbanites, the practice of yoga is quite ancient. Moreover,

Healing the Self: Yoga as Addiction Treatment

Yoga offers a healthy outlet to cope with daily stress and triggers, aids in preventing relapse, and reduces withdrawal symptoms and cravings. In the classical definition of Yoga given by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras, ahimsa (non-harming) has a place of relevance. It is the first of the five yamas. And its definition is clear: nonviolence. As the first yama, it also means that it comes before all others, perhaps the most important of them all, the guiding force and motivation to live a life full of serenity. In its most literal sense, nonviolence may be interpreted as not hurting or killing others. And it is, indeed. The goal is to practice compassion toward all sentient beings, including se

Seeing the Strength in Vulnerability

Growing up is not an easy thing to do, for anyone, anywhere. Whilst there are varying degrees of difficulty, there is a common theme among young men that makes moving into adulthood increasingly difficult and challenging. You must be strong. The notion that men must be “strong” is one that can be at best harmful and at worst fatal to young men trying to navigate their emotions and identities whilst making their way into the world. The more adverse the environment a young man is raised in, the stronger he must be. This is the message that I consistently hear being delivered too many young men across the world. It is known that suicide rates are at their highest among-st men and it is no surpr

Addiction Recovery: Get a Boost by Eating Healthy

An addiction to drugs or alcohol greatly affects an individual’s body; therefore, discontinuing use is only the first step to a healthy long lasting recovery. It is a fact that eating healthy foods can make a difference between long term sobriety and relapsing. Let’s take a look at why nutrition is crucial to recovering addicts. An Addict’s Eating Habits Most addicts will develop certain eating habits while they are addicted to their substance of choice. These habits include: Having Little or No Appetite:- Many drugs suppress a person’s appetite (methamphetamine, cocaine etc.); this causes the addict to lose a dramatic amount of weight and within a short period of time; the person may develo

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