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WaterSports-as-Therapy (2).jpg

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Work-As-Therapy (2).jpg

Know Our Treatment

By investing 15 minutes on this page, you can learn everything about our deaddiction treatment in India. Watch these Videos to know more about the best deaddiction treatment program for alcohol and drugs.

One Day in Shafa

This video takes you on a one-day journey of Shafa. Take a glimpse into all the activities that we undertake at our rehabilitation centre in India.

I Can't, We Can

This 40 minutes movie is divided into two parts. The first part helps the viewer to understand an addict and the problem of drug and alcohol addiction in its true light. The psychological and social impact is clearly explained with the help of role plays and a commentary too. The second part is about the role of families in addiction and clearing few doubts raised by the families.

The Emotional Trap-2

The reality is that addiction is not just a physical disease, and therefore addiction recovery is not just about detox. Recovery is all about breaking the cycle of emotional dependency on the substance.

The Emotional Trap-4

Substance abuse treatment must go beyond simply managing the physical symptoms of addiction. In fact, only a treatment that can provide the addict with the coping skills necessary to address the underlying emotional challenges can be considered effective.

Sports As A Way Of Life @ Shafa

For more than two decades, Shafa has been experimenting with various sporting activities through structured events to see in what ways sports can help an individual who is battling his addiction to drugs/alcohol.

It's All About Change (Hindi)

At Shafa, there are no boundaries for change. We believe that every person who was once an addict has the potential to not just create a drug-free world for himself, but also redeem his social condition through constructive activities in his society.

The Emotional Trap-1

If you truly intend to help your loved one recover from drug or alcohol addiction, then please do not ignore the emotional component of the disease.

The Emotional Trap-3

In order to get rid of your loved one's addiction for a lifetime, it is very important to get to the root cause of the problem, i.e. his/her behaviours.

This Is How We Do It In SHAFA

This video gives you deep insights into
what our deaddiction treatment is all about, and what treatment modalities we have successfully used to create a drug-free world for thousands of recovering addicts.

Exercise in Addiction Recovery

Our vast experience in the field of deaddiction treatment suggests that there is no better friend residents can have in recovery than exercise.

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