Can Alcohol Withdrawal Cause Death?

Over this past week, we have had several individuals ask us through email and phone, if alcohol withdrawal can cause death. We believe this is partly to do with the recent death of someone; his family believes he died from alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Since it is very obvious that many people are concerned about whether or not alcohol withdrawal can cause death, we would like to address this question. A Basic Understanding Before we answer the question, it is important to have a basic understanding of alcohol addiction and the withdrawal that it causes. Addiction Alcohol addiction is a physical and psychological dependence to alcohol. The physical addiction is what makes it nearly impossible

Why Do People Leave Rehab Early?

Entering a rehab, or thinking about getting treatment at one, is a great step in the right direction, but this in fact is not the only challenge towards becoming sober. The second challenge is one that an individual will face when they have begun treatment at the rehab; this challenge being, to complete the entire rehab program from start to finish. Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction can be very difficult; many addicts will begin their treatment at a rehab and then come up with various excuses or mindsets to why they should leave the rehab program early. Before an individual decides to quit the program, here are 6 things to think about. Withdrawal and Detoxification is Just Too Much A de

Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction: Psychological

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, pot, weed, etc. is one of the most common drugs in the world. Millions of users are addicted to the drug and experience unwanted consequences as a result of their addiction. This is the third part of our Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction and will focus of the psychological effects that heavy use of marijuana can have on the user. The Psychological Consequences of a Marijuana Addiction Psychological Consequence 1: Concentration Some marijuana addicts claim that using improves their concentration, while a large majority of users feel that they are unable to stay focused. A person may become easily distracted and struggle to finish tasks. This is especiall

How Addiction Affects Women Differently than Men

Addiction to drugs or alcohol affects each and every person differently; however, women in general experience different, and at times more harmful, effects than men. Below are various ways in which women with an addiction are affected differently. Addiction Can Affect Any Woman Many people have a stereotypical image of a woman with an addiction. However, addiction is not just for homeless people or irresponsible adolescents and young adults; in fact, an addiction to alcohol, cocaine, medications, and other drugs can affect any woman of any culture, nationality, ethnicity, and age. Women Experience Emotions Differently Women tend to be more emotional than men are. Additionally, women often d

Staying Sober: 5 Things to do After Drug Rehab

Staying Sober: 5 Things to do After Drug Rehab Going through a rehab program is only the first stepping stone to your recovery. Once you leave rehab, you will be faced with many challenges and situations that may tempt you to use again. Getting clean, staying clean and keeping your life on track will take courage, patience and determination. Here are 5 things you should do to stay sober after rehab:- 1. Have a relapse prevention plan – A professional drug and alcohol rehab treatment center should prepare you with a plan of action to help you stay clean. During treatment you should work with your counselor to develop a plan that defines your objectives for life after rehab. 2. Keep working th

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) and Addiction

Social anxiety disorder, or social phobia, and addiction can go hand in hand. Social anxiety disorder can be described as an “overpowering self consciousness” that does not allow a person to be able to interact with others in normal and everyday situations. This can lead the person to use drugs or alcohol as a way of coping with their disorder. Social anxiety disorder completely disrupts a person’s life, if it is combined with a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be extremely destructive. Social Anxiety Disorder Explained Social anxiety disorder, SAD, or social phobia is an intense fear that a person has. This fear is of being embarrassed, humiliated, or negatively judged by other people, typ

Drug Abuse and Addiction in India

Drug abuse and addiction is on the rise throughout India. According to recent surveys, India has at least seventy million drug addicts. In India, the cultural values are slowly changing, the poorer class is suffering with economic hardship while at the same time there is a massive rise in the upper class, all of this combined with the dwindling support of family (due to increase work and western life) is leading to drug abuse and addiction. Indian produced pharmaceuticals, heroin, and alcohol are amongst the most abused drugs. However, drugs like yaba, methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, and crack are all becoming more abused on a daily basis throughout India. Over the past two decades, India

The Behaviour of a Drug Addict

Sudden changes in behaviour can send of warning signals to loved ones that something is not right. When this behaviour continues, it is only natural to begin to question what is changing the person’s behaviour. Determining exactly what is causing this behavioural change is never easy. It may be hard to think about the possible involvement of drug use, but if there are drastic changes in behaviour, there is a good chance that the person is using drugs or may even be a drug addict. Finding Out The last thing that anyone wants to do is find out that a person they care about is a drug addict; however, if this is the case, it is best to be prepared for what is to come. What to Look For There are

How Can an Addict Get Through Opiate Withdrawal?

Withdrawal from any opiate is not easy, and in fact for most people is one of the most difficult experiences of their life. Because of the physical and mental pain of opiate withdrawal many people are unable to break free from their addiction. Many people who decide to get clean relapse by the end of their first week of sobriety. However, there are a few things that can help someone get through an opiate withdrawal. By following the different options below, an opiate addict may have better success at getting through an opiate withdrawal. The Three Options Option 1: Detox Centre The first and probably safest option for an opiate addict is to go to a medical detox center and then onto a reside

Heroin Withdrawal: Symptoms and Options for an Addict

Heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug. The effects can be almost instantaneous and addiction to the drug can be very quick to follow. Despite any dangers associated with use, it is very difficult for a person to quit. One of the biggest reasons is because there are severe withdrawal symptoms when quitting heroin. Withdrawal from Heroin Heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug. The effects can be almost instantaneous and addiction to the drug can be very quick to follow. Despite any dangers associated with use, it is very difficult for a person to quit. One of the biggest reasons is because there are severe withdrawal symptoms when quitting heroin. A Person with a Tolerance can Have Withdr

Reasons an Addict Might Relapse During Early Recovery

It is great for any person who has a drug or alcohol addiction to get treatment. However, once their treatment is finished, they are in early recovery and begin a new challenge. The challenge now is to stay clean and sober and not relapse. Some recovering addicts will go on with their life and never touch drugs or alcohol again, but many recovering addicts have a potential to relapse at some point. It is crucial for early recovering addicts and their family members to understand what the reasons are for a relapse during early recovery. Early recovery means that a person has been clean and sober for no more than 90 days. It is great for any person who has a drug or alcohol addiction to get tr

Why People Become Addicted to Drugs & Alcohol Part 2

Social Environment Many researchers believe that the social environment, in which people are raised, is the biggest factor in why some people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Someone’s social environment is made up of many things; such as, the culture they grew up in, where they went to school, and their parents and other family members. Culture Researchers started noticing that in certain parts of the world where drinking is accepted and encouraged as a pastime activity, the chances of an individual becoming addicted to alcohol were much higher than in the areas of the world where alcohol was not accepted and encouraged as much. Certain countries around the world that do not promote al

Why People Become Addicted to Drugs & Alcohol - Part 1

The question, “Why do some people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, and others do not?” has puzzled many addicts, non-addicts, researchers, and medical professionals. After many years of research, researchers have notice that there are mainly five factors that determine the chances of a person becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both. The Genetic Factor Drug addiction is a disease, and scientist years ago started looking at it like any other illness, and asked the question, “Does genetics matter?” The question has lead to research worldwide, and researchers are still trying to find out if there is a genetic factor in determining the chances that a person will develop an addiction to

Drug & Alcohol Addiction: Common Causes of Relapse

Once a drug or alcohol addict recognizes they have a problem, seeks treatment and recovers in a rehab center, they still must face the challenges of relapse. A relapse occurs when a recovering addict that has reached a level of abstinence, reverts back to using drugs or alcohol again. This cycle of quitting, withdrawal, treatment, craving and relapse can destroy the addict’s self-esteem and confidence in their ability to live a drug-free life. Preventing a relapse is key. Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is a lifelong battle. Once a drug or alcohol addict recognizes they have a problem, seeks treatment and recovers in a rehab center, they still must face the challenges of relapse.

Expats Living Abroad and Dealing With Addiction

General Information on Expats and Addiction Alcohol addiction amongst expats living abroad is commonly due to their environmental and cultural influences. Some areas of the world allow drinking alcohol, even in excess, while others do not. While most expats do not suffer from an addiction, there is a small percentage that do. Developing an addiction may be due to feelings of stress, homesickness’, loneliness’, and especially boredom. Countries around the world promote alcohol on TV, billboards, at sporting events, outside bars and restraints and festivals. It may be much cheaper than the expats’ home country. Alcohol is usually readily available and in certain situations, drinking may make t

Signs of Cocaine Use, One Sign is Never Enough

There are various signs that are present when a person is using or abusing cocaine. Cocaine is a very addictive drug, when a person begins to use, there is a chance that they will develop an addiction if they do not quit. Normally there are multiple signs present when someone is involved in cocaine use. It is essential that a person who is looking for the signs of cocaine use to pay close attention to the person they suspect. Top Five Signs Sign 1: Money Cocaine is a very expensive drug in most part of the world. If a person is using this drug, they may begin to have a lack of money. On the opposite side, people who have a large amount of money may begin to spend a lot of it on cocaine and t

6 Excuses Addicts Give to Avoid Going to Rehab

When trying to get a loved one, who is an addict, to go to an addiction rehab for their addiction, can be very difficult as many are full of excuses on why they cannot go. To an addict, there are many reasons why they should continue to using drugs, why they should stay on their current path, and why they do not need an addiction treatment program to help them. It takes a great deal of convincing from the addict’s family members normally, to get them to go to an addiction rehab, and at the same time, it takes a lot for the addict to convince themselves that they should go to an addiction rehab. 6 Excuses Addicts Give Excuse 1: “I feel happier when I am using drugs.” This excuse is a statemen

The Effects of Cocaine in the Drug User

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug. It is very expensive and has many harmful side effects. In the following article we will be discussing some of these effects, and how some cause the user to get addicted and how others cause the user to die. Over the last few decades, movies and celebrities have glorified cocaine and using it, and have downplayed the harmful effects; such as, addiction. The reality is that this drug has some of the worst side effects. 3 Ways to Use and the Different Effects Snorting Snorting cocaine is the most popular form of consumption. Snorting the drug can cause many physical problems; such as, runny nose, loss of smell, frequent nosebleeds, sore throats, and hoarsene

Misconceptions of Addiction

There are numerous myths, lies, propaganda, and misconceptions around drugs, alcohol, and addiction. These misconceptions that are produced and spread from person to person can cause the general public, as well as addicts themselves, to have irrational fear, stigmas, hate, and the need for ‘punishment’ within each of their minds, leading them to ignore their need for addiction treatment at a private addiction rehab. Moreover, these misconceptions of an addiction, be it drugs or alcohol, can limit an addict’s recovery and can further an addict’s own self-destructive behaviour rather than seeking the addiction treatment that they need. It is important for each and every person to understand th

Aftercare: What is Relapse Prevention Planning?

Anyone who gets addiction treatment at a substance abuse rehab for drug or alcohol addiction will learn all about relapse prevention planning. For those who have never been to a substance abuse rehab they might ask, “What exactly is relapse prevention planning and why is it crucial for anyone in recovery?” What is a Relapse? Before one can understand what relapse prevention planning is, they must understand what a relapse is. A relapse is when an addict quits but then starts using again. A relapse can happen immediately following substance abuse rehab or even months or years after substance abuse rehab. It will depend on the individual, their will power, and what may trigger or cause them to

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