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About Shafa

Who We Are, What We Do, And How Treatment Works..

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History of Shafa

How It All Started Back in 1999

Founded on 22nd November, 1999, Shafa is India's Oldest and Largest Treatment Centre for Deaddiction and Rehabilitation of Drug/Alcohol Dependents.

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Why Shafa

What Makes Treatment at Shafa Unique

It’s not about teaching, it’s all about ‘touching’. The relationships that we build with our residents and the time we invest in them serve as the foundation of our success.

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Rehab Facility

How Shafa Looks On The Inside

Let's take you on a virtual tour of our rehab facility where residents live during treatment at Shafa.

Team Shafa

The ones that make the impossible, possible!

Meet our dedicated team of doctors, psychiatrists, counsellors, healthcare professionals, and administrators.

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