Cocaine Abuse is More Damaging to the Brain than We Thought

We always knew that cocaine abuse was bad for you, but we did not know it was this bad… Cocaine AbuseIt is well known that cocaine abuse is harmful to the brain and body and can cause long-term complications and death, however a recent study reveals new details about exactly how cocaine abuse damages the brain — and the findings are frightening. Cocaine Causes the Brain to Eat Itself The new research led by Dr Gourav Malhotra, suggests that high doses of cocaine can cause brain cells to literally eat themselves. Cells digest themselves through a process called “autophagy,” which naturally occurs to rid waste from brain cells. However, when the process gets out of control it causes rampant br

Challenges of Treating Food Addiction

Food addiction is growing around the world, and although it definitely can be treated, there are several obstacles that must be overcome. Challenges of Treating Food AddictionFood addiction and sugar addiction are terms that have been getting a lot of media attention over the last year or two, but many people are still unsure what food addiction actually entails and how it is treated. Below we will explain what food addiction actually is and how it can be treated. It is important to note, however, that although it definitely can be treated, there are some challenges that must be overcome that are not present when treating drug or alcohol addiction What is Food Addiction? Food addiction is a

Essential Tips for Living in Food Addiction Recovery

Food addiction treatment faces challenges that are not present in alcohol or drug addiction treatment. The biggest reason for this is that food addicts cannot completely abstain from food. Second, food is almost everywhere you look in today’s modern world. Avoiding food as a recovering food addict is nearly impossible, which can make recovery very difficult at times. The Basis of Food Addiction Treatment and Recovery Those who have gone through professional food addiction treatment are taught, of course, not to abstain from food completely (that would be deadly) but instead to abstain from the most addictive types of food. The most addictive types of food are processed foods high in sugar, f

Should Addiction Counsellors Disclose Their Recovery?

Up to 57% of all addiction counsellors in recovery themselves – should they disclose their status? Some say counsellors should maintain professional boundaries; others say their recovery provides a model for patients. Are counsellors in recovery better than non-recovering counsellors? Should addiction counsellors in recovery share their recovery status? It is not uncommon for those involved in a recovery programme to decide that upon completion of their addiction treatment they would like to become an addiction counsellor themselves, and many do! In fact, up to 57% of addiction counsellors are in recovery. Why do Addicts in Recovery Choose to Become Counsellors? In most cases, the reason for

7 Ways Animal-assisted Therapy Can Help Addiction Recovery

Did you know spending just 30 minutes with a puppy can positively affect your brain chemistry? We look at the many benefits of animal-assisted therapy in addiction treatment. Breaking an addiction is one of the hardest things you can possibly do. That’s why the support of your loved ones is so important. But what about the support of animal companions? If you’re an animal lover, you’re probably well aware of the uplifting effects pets have on your life. Indeed, spending just 30 minutes with a pup can positively affect your brain chemistry. And when applied to addiction treatment, these can have even farther-reaching impacts than you might expect. What is Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)? Animal

The Difference Between Fentanyl and Carfentanil

Their similar names often lead people to the conclusion that fentanyl and carfentanil are essentially the same.They’re not. Fentanyl is between 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, which makes it a highly-addictive and undoubtedly a dangerous drug. Carfentanil is 100 times stronger than fentanyl, and just handling even the smallest amounts can be deadly. Are fentanyl and carfentanil really so different? Discover the facts behind the myths surrounding the world’s most dangerous opioids and find out more about fentanyl addiction treatment. Opioid addiction can be fatal. SHAFAHOME explores the key differences between fentanyl and its derivative carfentanil, while offering hope through fen

Ability to socialize is a great indicator of how well you are recovering

Staying sober is very challenging when stresses come into play such as when you feel tired, sick, or are under emotional stress. This is the time when it is easier to say ‘screw it’, and take a shot, drink, hit, or blast of something. You’re only human right? How much is one drink going to hurt in the huge amount of time that you presumably plan to be sober? Well, for those that are recovering addicts, it does make a difference because it is precisely at this time, when under duress, that recovering addicts need to learn to control themselves and not escape from the uncomfortable feelings that they once sought to numb. What are the best methods to train yourself to not succumb to destructi

Art for Addiction Recovery

Are you interested in tapping into your creative side, but don’t know where to begin? Art is a great tool for maintaining your addiction recovery. Not only making your own art, but also viewing art can be beneficial for your overall wellbeing and aid you in keeping on track. How can you integrate art into your recovery maintenance plan? A vision board is a creative visual representation of your goals and aspirations. Making a vision board is a simple yet powerful way to get your creative juices flowing and bring energy to the things you want in life. To make a vision board collect images from magazines, photos, or the internet that represent your goals. Include images and words that inspire

Six Tips for Coping with Holiday Pressures

The holiday season means different things for different people, but for most – the months mean endless parties, shopping deadlines, money stress, hearing too many carols on repeat, and battling the increasingly busy supermarkets and shopping centres. It can also mean facing friends and relatives you’d rather not see, or facing bad memories of holiday seasons past. While some people actually enjoy every second of the holiday season, the rest can find this high-energy season overwhelming. There seems to be a lot of pressure on people to be happy, and for many that pressure actually turns into depression. And for recovering addicts, all these stressors can seem magnified. Between the stress a

Prevention of Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Begins at Home

Teach your children early about the effects of substance abuse, to prevent addiction later in life. No parent wants to see their child suffer from the negative effects of drug addiction, yet many mistakenly believe there is nothing they can do to stop their kids from experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Some parents think this behaviour is normal and acceptable, but the fact is — the earlier teens start using drugs and alcohol the greater their risk for alcoholism and drug abuse. Early substance abuse prevention is one of the best ways to lower the risk for addiction, and this prevention starts at home with families and parents. There are steps parents can take to help their kids and teens

How Addicts can Overcome their Fear of Recovery

Even though you may realise that you need to get clean, the thought of sobriety can be scary. Here are the most common fears, and tips for overcoming them. Major life changes of any kind add stress to life. Compounding such stress is the fear of the changes themselves. This is certainly true of recovery, where fear of sobriety can be a major obstacle to becoming sober. In this blog, we will explore common fears of sobriety and how to handle them. #1: Fear of Sobriety It may seem counter-intuitive, but sobriety itself can induce fear. As the saying goes, better the devil you know, meaning that what we are familiar with is more comfortable than the unknown. Facing sobriety is a major unknown,

The Importance of Sleep in Alcohol Recovery

The importance of sleep has been proven time and again; it improves the mind’s memory and its ability to learn, it regulates the body’s metabolism, and it can also aid the alcohol recovery process. In addition to physical activity and eating healthy, an emphasis on regular sleeping patterns during alcohol recovery is a focus on holistic alcohol addiction treatment. Although sleep interruption may occur during the early stages of alcohol recovery, whether from withdrawal symptoms or because of the stresses of a new alcohol addiction treatment environment, as part of a holistic idea of treatment it is important to stress a healthy sleep cycle. Below are a few ideas that can aid in sustaining a

Addiction and Marriage

Marriage is for better or for worse, unfortunately many couples do not want to think about the ‘worse’. When it comes to a drug or alcohol addiction, the worse makes itself known. A drug or alcohol addiction can tear a marriage apart and eventually cause the couple to separate or divorce. Any children that are involved can be deeply affected, as well as other people close to the married couple. The Addict and the Marriage An addict becomes ‘married’ to the drug or alcohol; their spouse and other family members are pushed to the side. Their addiction will have some sort of influence on each and every decision they will make until they decide to get treatment. When there is some sort of addict

First 90 Days of Recovery for an Addict

The first 90 days of recovery are perhaps the most difficult time for an addict, and can be extremely difficult to manage. There are a high percentage of addicts and alcoholics that will relapse during the first 90 days. SHAFAHOME does not want to see people relapse, we teach all of our patients’ very useful tools and techniques for recovering from an addiction. We felt that it was important to give some advice to those who are not at our rehab and are in their first 90 days of recovery. During the First 90 Days of Recovery an Addict Should Build a Social Network Building a social network in the first 90 days of recovery is crucial, as it allows the addict to find and connect with others who

Seven Healthy Simple Tips to Deal with Stress

The everyday ‘pace’ that we all experience seems to be getting faster and faster with age. It seems as though there is numerous tasks to complete, but yet so little time in which to complete them. If you are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, the last thing you need is an abundance of stress. Sometimes it may seem that you cannot eliminate your stress; your bills keep on coming, there is not enough time for your errands and your family, and career responsibilities continue to be demanding. Perhaps because of all this stress, you have had moments where you find yourself in a situation that could lead to a potential relapse. If you can relate, it is important to know that you have a

How to Live an Alcohol Free Life

Alcoholism affects millions of people throughout the world. Whatever the reason a person has for consuming large amounts of alcohol, there are ways in which they can learn to live an alcohol free life. Below are simple ways that can help an individual discontinue drinking and stay on the road to recovery. Learn to Accept Help Realistically, quitting alcohol, or any substance for that matter, by your self is difficult and most people are unable to do so. An addiction to alcohol is psychological and physiological; which includes heavy cravings that can be incredibly strong, and saying ‘I am done’ or ‘no’ may be impossible without the help of others. There are various effective methods of tr

6 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Addiction Recovery

In order to maintain a healthy recovery from an addiction you must pay attention to several things including your emotional, mental, and physical health; this includes your nutritional intake. By eating healthy, you are giving your body the essential vitamins and minerals that it requires. Through this, you are able to speed up your addiction recovery, boost your health, restore and maintain energy, elevate your mood, and keep your vital organs functioning properly. Below are various foods that will help you to boost your overall health; thus furthering your recovery from an addiction. Healthy Food for Your Lungs Oftentimes, addicts will have lung problems due to smoking, huffing, or lack of

Make Your Recovery Goals Specific and Achieve Them

Setting goals and achieving them is crucial to your addiction recovery. If you attended a rehab, they will have most likely taught you how to set recovery goals and then how to accomplish them. What is important is that when setting your goals, you be specific on exactly what it is you want to achieve. Examples of Weak and Strong Goals Below are some examples of recovery goals. We will begin with a weak goal and try to change it into a more specific recovery goal. Doing this, will truly help you recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. Example One 12 step meetings are very important for recovering addicts. They are great places to get or give advice and meet new friends. Weak Recovery Go

What You Should Know and Understand About Addiction Recovery

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long process that involves many twists and turns, ins and outs, and ups and downs. A treatment programme can help prepare an addict in recovery, and their family, for what is to come in the near future; however, with so many important things to remember sometimes addicts or their families forget some of the most important points in recovery. Below are some important tools, tips, and basic information that you should know and understand about recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction. Progress is Vital These three words are important to remember throughout your recovery. If you are not making any improvements, big or small, there is a chance th

How to Come Back After a Relapse

You’ve relapsed. Okay, you must accept that it happened, regain yourself, and get back on the path to a sober recovery. In reality, many addicts in recovery relapse at least one time; many have done so 2, 3, or 4 times before they stay on the right track for good. One of the biggest challenges that you must deal with is that you must face what happened. There is a common tendency to blame yourself and to think that you should have been able to avoid relapsing. Doing this is negative, self destructive and overall counterproductive. You must find a more positive constructive way to face yourself after a relapse. Respond to your Relapse ASAP Delaying a relapse is never a good idea as it will on

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