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Addiction Recovery: Get a Boost by Eating Healthy

An addiction to drugs or alcohol greatly affects an individual’s body; therefore, discontinuing use is only the first step to a healthy long lasting recovery.

It is a fact that eating healthy foods can make a difference between long term sobriety and relapsing. Let’s take a look at why nutrition is crucial to recovering addicts.

An Addict’s Eating Habits

Most addicts will develop certain eating habits while they are addicted to their substance of choice. These habits include:

Having Little or No Appetite:- Many drugs suppress a person’s appetite (methamphetamine, cocaine etc.); this causes the addict to lose a dramatic amount of weight and within a short period of time; the person may develop health issues as a result.

Food is Not a Priority:- An addict typically will spend most of their day focusing on getting drunk or high.

The thought of eating, especially something that is nutritious and takes time to prepare, is not likely to be an addicts priority.

The individual may not have any interest or patience to cook; additionally, if he or she is under the influence, they may be unable to safely work in the kitchen.

No Money to Buy Food:- Many people with an addiction will spend a large percentage of their income on getting drugs, as a result they may have little or no money to buy healthy food.

This oftentimes causes an addict’s kitchen to be empty or sparsely stocked with processed foods.

Eating Healthy Must Become a Routine

Using the information above, one can easily come to a conclusion that an addict’s body becomes starved of nutrients needed to get energy and heal.

It is not uncommon for addicts in recovery to feel depressed or apathetic, this may be a result of a deficiency in nutrients; thus, it is important to begin to eat healthy foods on a routine basis.

Eating 3-5 healthy meals per day, plus small healthy snacks in between, will give the individual all the energy needed for a long lasting recovery.

Eating healthy can be challenging for those new in recovery although with determination and support, it can become a solid daily routine that will have a positive impact on the person’s life.

The Body Heals with Healthy Eating

The body is going through a lot of changes once a person has become sober.

Organ tissues and the brain’s neurotransmitters are rebuilding themselves and chemicals are trying to find a balance.

All of this requires nutrients found in fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains; therefore, it is important for a recovering addict to learn how to eat a balanced diet and implement it into their daily life.

Good Food=Great Recovery!

Eating well during recovery is one of the keys to remaining happy and sober.

Improving the body’s health through a balanced diet will enhance the recovery process and enrich the individual’s life mentally, emotionally, and physically.

It is therefore important for a rehab centre to discuss eating habits and nutrition during treatment.

This allows the individual to begin developing their healthy eating routine immediately.

SHAFAHOME takes nutrition seriously. Fresh fruit shakes and smoothies are available throughout the day and all meals are prepared fresh and are full of much needed vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

To find out more on our addiction treatment programmes or recovery, call one of our helpful staff members today. We can help you to take back your life.

(These Articles are the sole property of “The Cabin Chiang Mai“, they are its original authors)

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