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Why People Become Addicted to Drugs & Alcohol Part 2

Social Environment

Many researchers believe that the social environment, in which people are raised, is the biggest factor in why some people become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Someone’s social environment is made up of many things; such as, the culture they grew up in, where they went to school, and their parents and other family members.


Researchers started noticing that in certain parts of the world where drinking is accepted and encouraged as a pastime activity, the chances of an individual becoming addicted to alcohol were much higher than in the areas of the world where alcohol was not accepted and encouraged as much.

Certain countries around the world that do not promote alcohol normally have much lower rates of alcoholism.

Certain countries and cultures make certain drugs acceptable; such as, medications.

Doctors around the world prescribe drugs on a daily basis; these drugs known as medication are also addictive, and can lead a person to look for other substances as well.

Statistically, countries where medications are prescribed very easily by doctors also have the highest addiction rates to them.


Going to school for any child is more than just an education, it is a complete social scene with hundreds and sometimes thousands of other students. Most kids will have friends throughout their school years who they will interact with on a daily basis.

Friends can help a child gain many strengths that will help them throughout their life, but friends can also be a negative influence on a child as well, it all depends on who they are.

Normally, students who use, their friends also use. One child may become addicted to drugs and alcohol because of the influence of their friends, and later they may be the influence that gets another child to use.

Sometimes, the pressure of doing well in school is too much for a student, and they end up doing anything it takes to keep their grades up; this can include taking drugs.

Certain drugs are stimulants and can help a person stay up and alert; some of these drugs are legal prescription medications, and others are illegal drugs that must be bought on the streets.

Adderall is a stimulant medication that is taken by many high school and university students. Most students take the drug in order to stay up late and study, or to manage both going to school and working a job; many of these students become addicted to it.

Parents and Other Family Members

Sometimes, a person becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol due to the influence of their parents or other family members.

If a parent or other family member drinks or uses drugs and the child is around it all the time, it could be a factor in the child developing an addiction later in life.

A child may look at drugs or alcohol as a common thing, and this can lead them to wanting to try them. Parents and other family members can be a reason why certain people become addicted to drugs or alcohol.


Certain traumatic events can be a factor when looking at why some people become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Traumatic events can also lead to other types of addictions.

If a loved one dies, this can cause depression and other psychological problems, and leave a void in someone’s life. Therefore, the person may turn to drugs or alcohol to fill the void and get rid of any negative feelings they are having. If the person continues to use, they will most likely become addicted.

Multiple Factors

People from all walks of life can become addicted to drugs or alcohol or both. There are always certain factors that contribute to either a person starting to use or continuing to use. Most of the time, there is never just one reason why people begin using or why addicts continue to use, it is multiple.

Getting Help

Once a person does become addicted, there is only one thing they can do, get help. For most addicts, the best thing that can help them is treatment at a residential rehab centre.

Why do people become addicted to drugs and alcohol, there are many answers. What can they do when they become addicted? Contact us for help.

( These Articles are the sole property of “ The Cabin Chiang Mai “ , they are its original authors )

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