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6 Excuses Addicts Give to Avoid Going to Rehab

When trying to get a loved one, who is an addict, to go to an addiction rehab for their addiction, can be very difficult as many are full of excuses on why they cannot go.

To an addict, there are many reasons why they should continue to using drugs, why they should stay on their current path, and why they do not need an addiction treatment program to help them.

It takes a great deal of convincing from the addict’s family members normally, to get them to go to an addiction rehab, and at the same time, it takes a lot for the addict to convince themselves that they should go to an addiction rehab.

6 Excuses Addicts Give

Excuse 1: “I feel happier when I am using drugs.”

This excuse is a statement from an addict in denial. The mind is very powerful and is able to convince the addict that they are only happy when they are using. In reality, the addict is most likely miserable.

As with anyone, an addict will have good times when they are using, but most of their time will be spent wondering where they are going to get money for more drugs or when they are going to dose up next.

Denial is a powerful thing, and it can cause an addict to believe that they are completely happy and do not need an addiction treatment program.

Many addicts feel that they will not ever be happy without using drugs; therefore, they use the excuse that they need it in their life.

Excuse 2: “I won’t have any friends after addiction rehab.”

This is very tough, especially for people who rely on their friends. In the case of most addicts, their friends also have an addiction.

Becoming involved in an addiction treatment program and getting clean will mean that the addict must disconnect from these people, especially in the beginning of their recovery. However, with a little time, the addict will be able to make new and sober friends.

Excuse 3: “I don’t like groups or public speaking.”

Many users will use this excuse, but the fact of the matter is, it is that it is easy to overcome. This is because most addiction rehabs have a very limited amount of patients; meaning groups are often very small and very non-threatening.

As with any addiction related group, the addict will always have the option to stay quiet and listen.

Being afraid to publicly speak can prevent an addict from ever wanting to set foot in an addiction rehab, but in all reality, the addict will not feel threatened or embarrassed in any way.

Excuse 4: “I have been to an addiction rehab before.”

This excuse is very common, because many addicts will have to go through an addiction treatment program two, three, four, or even more times to get clean.

It basically comes down to how bad does the addict want to get clean, and how willing are they to sober up for good?

The addict must realize that people change, including themselves. When they went to an addiction rehab in the past, they may have been in denial about their addiction, therefore when they left the addiction treatment program they relapsed very quickly.

This is ok. If there is another opportunity for the addict to go to an addiction rehab and make some positive changes in life, then why not try it again, but only this time they really need to commit to a sober life.

Excuse 5: “I need drugs to enhance my creativity.”

It is possible to be for an addict to think that they are more creative while on drugs.

However, the addict is failing to realize that they have simply lowered their expectations while high; meaning their “creative spark” is exaggerated and will seem much more than it really is.

Many artists who have created something while under the influence of drugs, and then sobered up and created something not while under the influence of drugs, have agreed that the art they created when they were sober was much better; not to mention the fact that they could remember making it.

Excuse 6: “I cannot work without being high.”

Many people, who have an addiction, use drugs while they are working. They feel like they need it to get through the day, and they also may feel like they are a better worker when they are high. This is absolutely a terrible excuse for anyone to give.

People do their best work when they are sober and some addicts might realize this once they become sober. An addict’s outlook on work may also change while at an addiction rehab.

When they become clean, they will be able to apply themselves fully to their job; this could open up better opportunities and better pay.

When many people become sober they will see a purpose in their life and may look for a job that has more meaning. Some addicts will also choose to go back to school and learn a new skill or trade.

No More Excuses

Ending the excuses and deciding to enter an addiction treatment program can set the addict’s life in motion, in the right direction.

Living a sober life is never beyond anyone’s reach. Addiction rehab is there for anyone who is willing to admit that they have an addiction and wants to get help.

( These Articles are the sole property of “ The Cabin Chiang Mai “ , they are its original authors )

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