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What You Should Know and Understand About Addiction Recovery

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a long process that involves many twists and turns, ins and outs, and ups and downs.

A treatment programme can help prepare an addict in recovery, and their family, for what is to come in the near future; however, with so many important things to remember sometimes addicts or their families forget some of the most important points in recovery.

Below are some important tools, tips, and basic information that you should know and understand about recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction.

Progress is Vital

These three words are important to remember throughout your recovery.

If you are not making any improvements, big or small, there is a chance that you are slowly regressing.

If this regression is not reversed, you may be at risk for relapsing.

Treatment programmes strongly emphasise the idea of making progress throughout recovery; this is because stopping is ‘poison’.

If you are beginning to feel bored or too comfortable, then perhaps it is time to begin to make some positive changes that will lead you to continue to make progressive growth.

Sober Time Matters

Staying sober for a period of time does make a difference in addiction recovery.

Some people believe that a few months of being clean and sober are all one needs to remain on their sober path.

While any amount of sober time is excellent, staying sober for a significant period of time, perhaps 2 or more years, can make a huge difference in recovery versus just a few months so keep going!

Help Vs. Cure

Going to a rehab centre is one of the best things that anyone with an addiction can do, but it is not a cure.

Rehab may be exactly what a person needs to become clean and begin a new life, but if you rely on the treatment the rehab provides alone and then put no effort into maintaining your sobriety once you have left, you are likely to relapse.

Rehab cannot force a person to change or stay sober, it can only provide support and useful knowledge and techniques; it is up to you to live a sober life.

Success and Recovery

Are you familiar with ‘positive people attract positive things’?

Keeping a positive attitude will bring about positive experiences that can boost your recovery and ultimately your life.

Even when something may not be going as you would like, or you are having a bad week try to keep out the negativity as it will only bring you down.

Additionally, find a balance between not enough and too much success in your life; for example, once you have became sober, begin to find stability in your life, then improve your diet.

Make Action not Intentions

It is good to have some intentions, but these are merely intentions.

The only thing that will make a true difference is taking action.

Instead of daydreaming about a new job in recovery or exercising on a regular basis, determine how or what you need to do to achieve your intentions and turn them into positive life changing actions.

Reach Out

Reaching out and helping others in recovery or volunteering your time at various places can be one of the best things that you can do for yourself in recovery.

Helping others in need not only makes you feel good, but can make another person feel good as well.

Your Health Matters

Your overall health is very important throughout your recovery.

For example, if you continue to eat unhealthy foods or smoke cigarettes you are damaging your body.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and exercise.

This alone can make you feel great and after all feeling great can lead you to a positive and successful recovery.

Contact at SHAFAHOME today if you or someone you care about needs help to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol; we are here for you.

( These Articles are the sole property of “ The Cabin Chiang Mai “ , they are its original authors )

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