Facing Your Fears: Being In-charge of Your Recovery from Addiction

January 11, 2019


Have you ever wondered, what it is like for heroes to battle their fears in a war zone where one small mistake, or one wrong decision could lead to defeat, or even death? There are millions of lessons to be learned from the stories of Gautama Budhdha, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, or the more recent Michael Jordan - but there's one thing common in all of their stories - they were just 'normal' people, who continued to fight their own fears, who never stopped doing what they firmly believed in, every single day of their lives! Every time when their fears tried to stop them from doing the right thing, they confronted these demons with positive, constructive energies and continued onto the path of 'righteousness' and 'wisdom', without worrying about the negative outcomes of the future that is yet to arrive.


Recovery from Addiction is also about 'always differentiating between right and wrong'. Whether you're at work, within your family or simply walking down the street, your fears will always try and hold you back from changing the 'wrong' around you, and you'll always feel that not changing yourself is better than disappointing others. And these fears - about others, about yourself, about the unknown - will only end when you decide to 'Respond' - to situations, to your fears, to people's needs - and respond not to change others, but only yourself, because it's never going to be about bring a change in others, but always about bring a change in you, by becoming a responsive, responsible and accountable parent, spouse, sibling, child, employee, boss, friend or whatever perfect role that you wish to yourself in!

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