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Therapeutic Games

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Sports and Games as Therapy

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Spiritual Awakening

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Celebrating Life

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Survival Skills Training Camps

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Fitness with Gym

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Water Sports

15 Benefits Of Attending A Residential Rehab

Bursting The Bubble Factor

“Bursting your bubble” The addict needs to be removed from the uncomfortable familiarity of their environment, so that they can gain a completely new perspective on their life.


Reclaim your brain from substance abuse, Intensive neural recovery from the hijacked brain “first aid of the brain”.


Medical assisted detoxification, alcohol and drug free environment, testing and blood work, 24/7 care, to process trauma and psychological disorders.


Halt the progression of the addiction, arrest the cycle of damage to prevent further harm.


Weighing up the short term cost of entering our rehabilitation centers program against the long term benefits and bigger picture of your life.

Recovery University

An intensive program gives you a basic education in what addiction is and the tools to keep you in long term recovery.


Breaking habits generates new neural pathways by engaging in recovery rituals and treatment.

Personal Transformation

A personal transformation process is achieved by working through an intensive and challenging program, upon discharge you will be re-entering the world much stronger.

Peeling an Onion

Therapy and self-disclosure is like removing layers of an onion with the public-self on the outside and private-self at the core, it can also cause you to cry a lot.

Better Relationships

Learning to manage relationships, anger and conflicts in a healthy manner.


Financially cost effective.

Getting Structure in your Life

The most difficult part of recovery is we tend to revert to what we’ve always done. “The familiar is seductive.” Changing habits is the toughest part of long-term behavioral change.

Learn Discipline

Addicts lack discipline and will learn valuable self managing techniques but this requires help due to the hijacked brain.

New Environment

Sometimes, relocating to a different environment can change your perspective. From meeting new and interesting people from around the world with different ideals and cultures, to the inspiration of new landscapes, addicts sometimes need some beauty and change, and this is often found by travelling to somewhere you’ve never been before. Addiction is a highly repetitive condition that leaves people feeling like they’re in a never ending cycle.

Going To A Rehab Far From Where You Live

You’ll experience fewer triggers to reuse you substance, because the brain forms contextual associations during active substance abuse/drug use, those associations can come back to haunt an addict when they see a person they used with, a building or street where they spent a great deal of time or other local triggers that cause the addict to feel a severe compulsion to get high.

We encourage you to contact one of our counsellors today at Shafa Home if you are in search for a residential treatment facility.

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