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Shafa is India’s oldest and largest detoxification, correction and rehabilitation centre for men and women living with a problem of drug abuse. It is one of the premier organizations in the country to use the world’s oldest treatment modality, i.e. Therapeutic Community Model. Shafa even went a step further by including innovative practices as a part of the treatment plan. Our culture boasts of the highest recovery rate out of all the de-addiction centres across the country.....Read More.










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Shafa is one of the premier organizations in the country to use the world’s oldest treatment modality, i.e. Therapeutic Community Model.

Our treatment is an innovative and novel approach, success of which is attributed to the fact that WE DO NOT ALLOW THE USE OF ANY MOOD-ALTERING SUBSTANCE in any of our facilities....Read More.




In a recent follow up of past 10 years data,conducted thru home visits and telephonic survey it was found that around 81% of the people who completed their treatment at Shafa remained in recovery. This is in itself a phenomenol success compared to the average national figure of 20-30%.....Read More.




Shafa Home is India’s only “Treatment & Rehabilitation” centre where Therapeutic Community is used in its purest form.

Our treatment process also include Dance, Theatre, Bakery, Bike tours, Survival and Endurance Camps and River Rafting.....Read More.




We believe that support from loved ones is a mandate for people under recovery from drug/alcohal addcition to stay sober for long term. So, at Shafa we provide a thorough understanding of the disease to the family members, to educate them that they are doing everything they can, to help their loved one. 

Morover, they play an important role to boost the confidence in the patient....Read More.




Treatment at Shafa is a journey from being wrong to being right, from despair to hope and from irrational to rational thinking. This process of holding your hand and walking you away from darkness towards a bright future is what we call 'Healing'..........Read More.





( Testimonies by Recovering Addicts and Their Families )

The thing that I have learnt and really value the most in my treatment here at Shafa is the consequential thinking. During my using period, I never bothered to think about the effects my actions would have on my loved ones. I put on stake all my relations; never bothering to see the causative effects of my addiction. But all that changed, once I came to Shafa. I worked on response system; unlearning many habits of my past, Now in recovery, I have started a new life; my relations with my family are bonding. I have gained confidence and self respect. Leading a sober life once seemed to be a daunting task to me, but not anymore. All thanks to Shafa.

My husband had been drinking alcohol since 25 years. I had tried everything to stop him from drinking. Then in 2003 I got to know about Shafa. When I admitted him, I never believed he could recover. On the counselor’s suggestion, I started attending Family Association Meetings. This gave me insight into his treatment. It also made me optimistic about the future. . I am thankful to the counselors at Shafa for guiding me throughout and helping my family to survive in the bad times. Today life is very colorful and beautiful and I pray for all others like me to receive the holistic healing.

I lost many valuable years of my life during addiction. I had a totally negative outlook towards life in my using days. It was with the help of Shafa that I learnt that every problem in life can be dealt without resorting to drugs. Now I have been living a positive life since last 2 years whereas previously it was difficult for me to stay 

away from drugs even for 2 minutes. Whatever I had lost in life, friends, family, relationships, and happiness are all back in my life.  

Today my family is glad to see me fulfilling all my responsibilities. Thank you Shafa for helping me in bringing this change in me from being negative to positive.

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Ms. Sangeeta Khowal
Professional Social Worker


MSW with 10 years of experience in serving the community and providing guidance for those in need


Clinical Psychologist

Using her education and experience Ms. Ayushi uses a wide range of clinical and psychological tests to counsel treat mental health and emotional problems of the residents. She has an M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. She holds an experience of 2 years as clinical psychologist prior to joining Shafa. 


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