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Best De-Addiction Centres In India

India’s oldest and largest detoxification, correction and rehabilitation centre. It is our unique culture that boasts of the highest recovery rate out of all the de-addiction centers in India.

highest success rate of recovery

ShafaHome is India’s only “ Treatment And Rehabilitation center ’’ where “ Therapeutic Community ’’ is used in its purest form. TC is a worldwide approach with a history of over 200 years. In a recent survey, it was found that around 81% of the people who completed their treatment at shafa remained in recovery.

Expert Team & Qualified staff

Addiction is a disease that effects four dimensions of a person’s well being, i.e. Physical, Psychological, social, & Spiritual. At shafa, our philosophy of love, care, concern is endorsed by an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on the restoration of all these four dimensions.

Holistic Approach

We engage different treatment modalities to provide the necessary life skills one needs during recovery. Rest assured it is going to be the best time for your loved one to take care of his unique self at shafa.

About Us

Recovering People From Addiction Since 1999

Shafa is an Urdu word, which means ‘power of healing’. Based on the oldest and most effective model of healing, Shafa Home acts as a harbinger of hope, self-realization and true happiness for hundreds of recovering alcohol/drug dependents. Shafa, a non-profit organization, goes one step ahead of the traditional methods to treat addiction and behavioral disorders by using well-researched methods of healing. Volunteers who have already undergone successful treatment at Shafa and have their own personal experience into recovery make the team of our devoted staff. They are skilled in the complexities of the disease and are passionate about helping people like them recover from addiction.

  • Transparent Model

    Operating Out of Our spacious facility we trust that not only your loved ones will feel safe and secure at shafa , but you too feel well-guided by a transparent model offering a complete insight into his treatment .

  • Unique Methodology

    User friendly & always available Staff, combined with our Professional therapists.

  • Concern For Community

    shafa actively works towards social development and encompasses various community based programs for the purpose of educating .

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Our Team

Mr. Ranjan dhar
Founder & CEO
With an experience of over two decades in de-addiction and social work, Mr. Dhar is the forerunner of our dynamic team. His focus on building an environment based on dignity is what makes others passionate about working with Shafa.
Mr. Balbir Singh
Psychiatric Social Worker
Deeply driven by Shafa’s ethics, Mr. Singh plays a key role in upholding the moral values of the organization on his shoulders. With a bold and generous personality, his ability to maintain discipline and get things going often challenges the status quo.
Mr. Ravinder singh
Project Manager
As one of the biggest assets of Shafa, Mr. Singh has been an integral part of Shafa since 2002. While transforming hundreds of lives at Shafa, he has played a vital role in affecting their destiny in the most profound and meaningful way. His ability to take risks and think out of the box is a refreshing and pleasant change from the traditional views of treating addiction.
Ms. Sangeeta Khowal
Professional Social Worker
Using psychotherapy as a treatment tool, Ms. Khowal helps residents find solutions to their problems. By scheduling individualized meetings with them, she helps residents change their unacceptable behaviors and disturbing thought patterns. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and has been a part of the Shafa family since 2010.


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