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Setting it Straight: Debunking the Myths of Addiction

We’re all familiar with addiction and all of the myths that come with it; SHAFAHOME is here to set it straight.

Come with us as we debunk the most common myths of addiction. *In no particular order.

Addiction Myth 1: People Choose to Be Addicted

No one actually says to themselves ‘ahh today I think I will begin an addiction’.

While using in the beginning likely began with choosing to do so, the chemical makeup within the brain is altered eventually the need for the drug kicks in. People do not choose to become addicted.

Addiction Myth 2: Addiction is Not That Serious

Any addiction is a serious matter and affects every part of the addict’s life as well as those around him or her.

With long term addiction, health problems will likely arise, some of which can be irreversible or even fatal.

Addiction Myth 3: People Who Have Addictions Are Bad, Crazy, or Dumb

Addiction affects both the brain and the body; while different substances affect different aspects within the brain.

Cell’s change, the user’s mood changes, memory is often lost, cognitive skills will be altered, all of these changes go hand in hand with the need to want to drink or use.

This eventually can overpower the addict; becoming the sole importance in their life.

This is not their fault and by no means does having an addiction make a person bad, crazy, or dumb.

Fortunately, most damage to the brain and body can be restored through therapy, nutrition, and long term sobriety.

Addiction Myth 4: Only Uneducated People Develop and Addiction

It is a fact that well educated people become dependent on drugs and alcohol.

These people can vary from doctors, lawyers, executives, teachers, and more.

Anyone can develop an addiction. In some studies done, the research is pointing to the fact that the average addict has an above average IQ.

Addiction Myth 5: An Addict won’t get Treatment until They Hit Rock Bottom

People decide to get treatment all of the time without hitting rock bottom.

While each and every person’s decision for getting treatment will vary, oftentimes it is because of pressure from family, friends, work, or they may be court ordered.

Some people will hit rock bottom before they get treatment, but not all.

Addiction Myth 6: Every Addict Does Fine With the Same Treatment Program

Treatment is not a one size fits all; for a rehab to truly be successful at treating their patients, they should customize each and every addicts program to suit their own needs.

Each and every person has different issues while some will respond better to certain techniques and therapies than others. Bottom line, a customized treatment program is best.

Addiction Myth 7: Every Treatment Program is the Same

There are all sorts of treatment programs, from short term to long term, inpatient to outpatient, religious to non religious.

When choosing a treatment program, the addict and possibly their family, or whoever may be supporting them, should go over the details of the center and discuss their needs with the staff.

Just because an addict has been to 1, 3, or 5 rehabs and has not been able to get sober does not mean that they should give up.

Addiction Myth 8: There is No Hope for Addicts Who Relapse

Addiction is very powerful, and let’s be honest, it is difficult to beat; this is why relapses do occur.

A relapse can be used to discover various triggers, such as people, places, and situations that played a part in the relapse.

By using the relapse in a positive way and learning from it, the addict can implement what they learned in the future and hopefully prevent another relapse from occurring.

Addiction Myth 9: Addicts Cannot Recover

While there are people who struggle with addiction and have an incredible time a remaining sober, a high percentage do overcome addiction and remain sober.

There are past addicts throughout the world that have received treatment and never touched drugs or alcohol again. Recovery is always possible.

There you have it, the most common myths that we here about.

Hopefully we were able to debunk some of the myths of addiction that you may have wondered about.

(These Articles are the sole property of “The Cabin Chiang Mai“, they are its original authors)

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