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5 Different Ways to Help You Stay Clean and Sober in Alcohol or Drug Recovery

There is not only one way to stay clean and sober in alcohol or drug recovery, in fact there are various ways to do so. Each and every addict is different and there are different stages of recovery from an addiction.

This means that it is very useful to understand the different ways to help you stay clean and sober after addiction rehab.

5 Great Ways to Stay Clean and Sober in Alcohol or Drug Recovery

Support Groups

The first way to help you stay clean and sober is by finding a 12 step group around your area. They are found in nearly every city and town, they are free, supportive, and are open to anyone in alcohol or drug recovery.

There are however, people who do not like these support groups and choose not to go to them. This may be because the idea of opening up and sharing thoughts to other people is frightening and can seem even impossible.

Fortunately this is ok, if you do not agree with a 12 step group; first you should be open to the idea of trying out a few of these groups, as each will be slightly different and some are very small.

Of course, there are other groups that do not include the 12 steps, but are still associated with addiction and recovery. Before completely giving up on the idea of group meetings and support groups, keep your options open.

If you do not like any type of support group, don’t worry, there are other ways to help you stay clean and sober.

Private Counselling

Another way that may help you to stay clean and sober is private counselling. If you are not keen on group therapy, then private counselling may be a great alternative.

Depending on your addiction recovery needs will depend on how many sessions you should have each week. If you are only able to afford or have time for one weekly session, then you should also consider finding additional ways to help you stay clean and sober.

Addiction rehab combines both group and private counselling helping you to gain support from peers as well as focusing on your individual alcohol or drug recovery.

New Career

Beginning a new career is another great way that may help you stay clean and sober in alcohol or drug recovery. Many times, recovering addicts begin a new career which involves helping other people suffering from addiction.

It has been proven time and again that this is a very effective way to maintain sobriety.

There are all kinds of positions that you could consider; such as, a therapist, counsellor, staff member at an addiction rehab, or helping adolescents who abuse alcohol or drugs or a child who live in a home with parents who abuse alcohol or drugs.

The entire experience and feelings that you will get are powerful and so rewarding that you will want to continue to stay clean and sober.

Exercise and Nutrition

Exercising on a regular basis and getting the right nutrition is a great way to stay clean and sober in alcohol or drug recovery.

Exercising can help to improve your overall mood, keep you occupied, and can help to eliminate cravings. Proper nutrition can also help to improve your mood and self esteem, while helping your body repair and strengthen.


Oftentimes, addicts struggle to stay clean and sober because they suffer from intense cravings. To the addict these cravings may be so powerful that going to support groups, counselling, or a new job is simply not enough.

In this situation you may consider using medication. In the past 10 years, medications to treat addictions have dramatically improved.

Many of these medications are not narcotics, but they do help to eliminate cravings. Speak to your doctor about what medication may be most suitable to your circumstance.

However, it is best to check into an addiction rehab to get the help you need before trying to tackle your addiction alone.

You Can Stay Clean and Sober

There are a variety of different ways to help you stay clean and sober. So explore these options and try and find something that you feel works best for your recovery.

When you do find the right one, stick to it, and overtime you will see that you can stay clean and sober in alcohol or drug recovery.

Don’t forget to talk to other addicts, who are in recovery, they will be able to give you advice and share past experiences.

Maintaining sobriety takes time and patience, but you can do it.

( These Articles are the sole property of “ The Cabin Chiang Mai “ , they are its original authors )

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