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10 Signs that you have an Addiction to Meth and Need Addiction Recovery Treatment

Meth is the abbreviated name for methamphetamine, and is also known as crystal meth. Meth abuse is becoming a huge problem in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Meth is cheaper than heroin and cocaine, which makes it more affordable for drug users and leads them to addiction recovery treatment. It is often the second largest drug addiction at many drug rehab centres.

A Very Powerful Drug

The growing consumption of this powerful drug is causing many users to develop an addiction very quickly. Addiction to meth is constantly rising throughout the world and is alarming to many drug rehab centres and medical professionals. It is important for everyone to understand how dangerous meth is, the signs of a meth addiction and that meth users are given addiction recovery treatment before the addiction becomes fatal.

Meth Labs

Unlike other addictive drugs, meth is very cheap to make and is often manufactured in people’s houses, cars, and garages, known as ‘meth labs’. It is made from very dangerous chemicals and can cause extreme damage to not only the abusers body, but also the manufactures; many meth labs blow up each year, due to the gases igniting during the manufacturing.

Developing an Addiction

Before a person has an addiction to meth, they will experience euphoric like feelings. When the drug begins to wear off, the user will have very unpleasant feelings. To escape these feelings, it is common for the user to immediately use more meth; this is how an addiction develops and it is essential that users seek addiction recovery treatment at a drug rehab centre to help them with their addiction.

It Eats the Brain

However, the more a person uses the worse that they will feel. Meth basically eats away at the brain; this causes memory loss, cognitive impairments, and depression. A meth addiction is very powerful and is an extremely dangerous addiction to have, drug rehab centres are aware of this and can offer the right addiction recovery treatment to help improve an addicts health and mentality.

Meth Crime

It is common for meth addicts to result to crime to get money or more drugs; this has become a very serious concern in many countries throughout the world.

Top 10 Signs of a Meth Addiction

If you wonder if you have an addiction to meth, then please read the follow and then make your decision. All of the top signs are based on if you are using on a regular basis; if so it is imperative that you contact a drug rehab centre right away.

Sign 1: Lack of Money

One of the top signs that you have an addiction to meth is if you begin to notice a lack of money. This is most likely because you have begun to spend it on the drug. You may begin to be late on your bills and have little or no savings left. Most meth users find that investing in addiction recovery treatment saves them financially and helps them get back on their feet.

Sign 2: No Appetite

The drug will cause your appetite to be suppressed. You may rarely feel hungry; therefore, you never eat. As a result you may notice a dramatic loss of weight in very little time. This is a big indicator that you have an addiction to meth. Addiction recovery treatment will guide you to a balanced diet that will help you to become healthier mentally and physically.

Sign 3: Tooth Decay

There is a term related to meth addiction and to the damage known as “meth mouth”. This is because addicts commonly have fast acting tooth decay, blackened or missing teeth, and sensitive and red gums.

Sign 4: Decline in School / Work

If you begin to notice that you are receiving poor grades or you have lacked in your job productivity, you may have an addiction. This is because most addicts are unable to keep up with school or hold down a job. Many recovering addicts begin to work in drug rehab centres or addiction recovery treatment which helps them with their own recovery.

Sign 5: Personal Hygiene

People who have an addiction to meth commonly begin to smell, and have a lack of concern for the personal hygiene and appearance. Addicts may seem unclean and have serious outbreaks of acne on their face and body.

Sign 6: Cat Urine Odor

If your sweat has a similar to cat urine, this is a common sign you may have an addiction to this drug. The reason for this is not exactly known, but meth addicts tend to sweat a lot and it is thought that the smell comes from the drug; most agree that the smell is similar to the urine of a cat.

Sign 7: Paranoia

You may notice feelings of paranoia. These feelings may have gotten worse with more use. It is common for meth addicts to believe that everyone is out to get them. These feelings of paranoia can be very dangerous if not dealt with immediately.

Sign 8: Insomnia

It may cause you to stay awake for days and even weeks at a time. As a result you may have insomnia or mood swings. To escape these problems you may use even more of the drug, this will increase your insomnia and this will increase your paranoia. If you do not have an addiction yet, you soon will and will need to seek addiction recovery treatment at a drug rehab centre.

Sign 9: Paraphernalia

Your room, house, car, etc. is full of paraphernalia that is related to this drug. This includes burnt foil, glass pipes, pieces of light bulbs, and excess amount of lighters. People with addictions tend to have abundance of drug paraphernalia where they live and in their cars.

Sign 10: Waking Up

If you feel like you have to use this drug as soon as you wake up, or you feel like you are unable to make it through the day without using, then it is likely you have an addiction to meth and need addiction recovery treatment.

You Can Overcome Your Addiction

Addiction recovery treatment is available and an addiction to meth can be overcome. If you have several of these top 10 signs of a meth addiction and you want to get help, please contact SHAFAHOME, India’s most respected alcohol and drug rehab centre, today.

( These Articles are the sole property of “ The Cabin Chiang Mai “ , they are its original authors )

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