Socializing and Staying In Recovery

January 9, 2019


There have been various scientific studies that call human beings as animals. I do not exactly know the origin, but sociology has tagged human beings as Social Animals. Although I believe in a different philosophy which considers animals and humans as completely different beings, but I would agree to the animal tag to a basic extent.

 Animal instincts are to just live for oneself, and as Charles Darwin researched- the rule of Survival Of The Fittest is practiced in the Jungle. But human beings are social, and so they are bound to help each other and live together for mutual benefits. Yes there are selfish motives also somewhere in us, which might have lead to this affix of Animal with our specie. Anyway, we still cannot stay isolated for too long! And as the idiom says Birds of A Feather Flock Together, we are always on the outlook for our similar kinds. For example, an addict would like such people who are dependent on some substance just like him, a spiritual person would want people who are into his subject matter and so on.

 Since you have freshly entered the world of Recovery, it is very important for you to chose people with your full sapience.

 Steps to Be Taken to Stay Sober and Still Socialize:

·         We know that it is very difficult to leave your old friends whom you earlier proudly considered as you ‘Partners In Crime’; but do you understand that you cannot waste yourself anymore? So leaving those people behind is important, because they would definitely try to get you back into addiction. To avoid the situation of relapse, please accept your new life and avoid contacting your addict friends. 

·         Join Recovery Group of the center you took your treatment from. They would also motivate you to stay sober for constantly. You can discuss all your feelings with them and share all your odd and good experiences with them too. 

·         Join a good sports club where you can enjoy playing, talking and sweating simultaneously. You can also join a laughter club or any area where dedication and hard work is required by its members, such that they would never prioritize alcohol or drugs over their aim. 

·         Befriend children and buy a pet. It is a psychologically proven study that children and pets are good stress busters. Play with them sometimes and go for walks. They should be able to remind you that you can enjoy your life without any substance use.

·         Join a Yoga group, where people are more health oriented. They would help you to follow a nutritious diet and follow a routine that would benefit you in all the ways of your life. 

·         Go for spiritual youth (or any age specific) meetings. You would be able to stay calm and positive in life. 

There are all sorts of people that you would meet, so one day one you get an offer of going to the club for a ‘Social Gathering and Socially Drinking’ please deny the offer, till you achieve 5 years of sobriety. 

Instead of showing off your capacity, you should flaunt your time of recovery. That would make you a hero. And if there is somebody who is trying to ruin your recovery, by compelling you again and again to drink/smoke/inhale/inject with them; know that you have to politely take a leave and lead on your path of sobriety.

Breath more of fresh air, smile more, laugh heartily whenever you get such moments, stay close to the nature. 

Stop fearing rejection. You cannot always please everybody. Just because somebody else who is using substance, wants a company for his pleasure, you cannot join them. You must leave quietly. Save your hard-work of being clean and sober. Initially you would face some problems, but slowly, you will learn to say no confidently.


Even while travelling, you can just talk to the person next to you by initiating a general conversation. A drink or any drug would not really make it any more interesting! You would rather be able to enjoy a lot if you have a good book in your hand or if you know talking about general matters such as environment/college/news etc. o once you are acquainted with each other, you can be more consistent in talking. But remember to be a good listener, as the treatment taught you ‘Understand more, rather be understood’. 


A very important point to maintain would be that never start mocking anyone if you want to create a humorous environment. Learn to have a light nerve, and maybe, crack a healthy joke on your own self, instead of humiliating somebody. Respect everyone you meet in life and chose what is right for you.


This way, you can stay in recovery; which means a lot more than just staying away from any psychoactive substance. Recover you damaged emotions, reconcile with broken family relations, get back in touch with those who ever asked you to live without alcohol or drugs, talk to your school and college teachers. There is a lot to do. Friendship knows no age after all. Stay in Recovery and Stay Positive.

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