9 Tips For Addicts to Help Them Get Through the Silly Season

December 20, 2018



  1. Be realistic about your resolution. If you are an addict or an alcoholic it is unlikely that you will be able to kick off the habit overnight. Create a plan, rather than expecting to be able to stop abruptly.

  2. If spending so much time with family is starting to feel a bit overwhelming, take yourself for a break, or discuss your concern with them.

  3. Ask a friend or family member to help keep you accompanied at parties where alcohol and recreational drugs are available.

  4. Be specific with your goals- a big rule that is often broken is making goals that are too vague and open ended, like ‘lose weight’. Ask yourself: What areas would I like to reduce in my alcohol/drug consumption? By when do I want to achieve this? What resources do I have available to help me? Having an endpoint in mind makes it easier to break the addiction, and will give you a greater sense of accomplishment!

  5. Remember that there are slips and lapses in judgment, and you may drink or use when you don’t want to. Do not be discouraged. If you have cut down or quit and have a lapse, reassess your goals and the help you need- don’t give up!

  6. Have a routine to stick to during the more difficult days. For example, decide when you will arrive and leave gatherings, rather than letting stress and anxiety build which can lead to relieving these feelings by drinking.

  7. Keep a daily self-care routine. Recovery and quitting is as much about life change as it is about stopping your addiction. Make sure that you have relaxation, physical exercise and healthy eating as part of your routine. Without these things it is easy to fall into the traps that lead back to addiction.

  8. If you think it is right for you, seek professional help from Shafa Home or a similar rehabilitation centre.

  9. Remember that the New Year is not the only time that you can resolve to stop you addiction.



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