Role of Yoga in Addiction Recovery

November 28, 2018

Hello Readers! Let us talk about the role of yoga in the recovery of an addict.

First let us understand the meaning of Yoga. Yoga is the union of mind, body and soul which cures and heals the body from inside and helps in overall growth of an individual. Yoga works on all the levels of recovery, by which I mean the physical level, emotional level, psychological level and above all Spiritual level. Yoga takes you on a spiritual journey which enriches the life of an individual and boosts his/her confidence to take up life’s challenges and face them head on.

People have a pre conceived notion that yoga is all about twisting and turning the body in all directions for the purpose of weight loss. But this isn’t true. It’s just a myth. Yoga is not just for weight loss, rather weight loss is just one of the various benefits that yoga has in our body.

Yoga is so powerful that it regenerates the dead cells in the body i.e. to say it works on cellular structure of the body and cures the disease at the grass root level. In case of an addict, yoga works like magic wand that detoxifies the body to give a new life to the addict. Now the challenge lies in engaging the addict to perform yogaso that he can reap the benefits out of it. Yoga is not like exercise so it’s a little difficult to perform it correctly. It has to be learnt properly under the instructions of a Yoga Teacher. We need to engage the addict to do yoga on a regular basis so that he can experience its benefit in the body. Effects of yoga are not quick like exercising, it needs to be performedfor atleast a week to see its effects. On the other hand there are a few Asanas/Poses that give immediate effect. For instance Breathing Exercises/ Pranayam. To name a few: deep breathing, anulom vilom, kapal bhati, agnisaar kriya etc.

Generally an addict is too lethargic to do anything, leave apart yoga. He is sleeping after using his drug of choice and is lost in his own cobweb of thoughts. He is least interested in any activity and mostly remains isolated. So it’s really a task to engage him into yoga or any other activity like education session, seminar, sports etc.Yoga will boost his energy levels and addict will be able to feel better and lethargic body will become energized one. Yoga works very well on the concentration level of brain so it’s a boon for an addict. He will be able to focus well on any activity that he does. Yoga will help him make decisions and face life with a new ray of hope.

As mentioned earlier, yoga works on spiritual level of an individual…it does the same to an addict. Addict has spoilt his life badly and he is too low on morals and ethics. He has reached a stage where he shouts at his parents, spoils relationships with relatives and friends, doesn’t eat on time, doesn’t take bath for days, keeps ear phones on the whole day and the list goes on… yoga is his savior as it will boost up the moral and ethical values in him and make sure he becomes a good human being first and then acquires some social status. Yoga brings him to a serene and positive mind whichcan think and act properly and give him an enriched life. One hour everyday would ensure his speedy recovery. But make sure that it is done under the instructions of a Yoga teacher.



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