10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drugs

August 9, 2017

Being nervous about recovery from addiction is very common. After all it brings significant changes in your life. The good news is that it will change into something better than you have ever imagined. Here is the list:-


Being nervous about recovery from addiction is very common. After all it brings significant changes in your life. The good news is that it will change into something better than you have ever imagined. Here is the list:-


Substances no longer rule your life


There is so much for the recovering addicts who have begun their journey towards sobriety. They feel more joyful and grateful. Their dreams start coming true and they remain in the here and now which allows their brain to function properly. There is so much to look forward to, for instance hiking,exercising, and going out for a nice dinner and so much more. Sobriety is a blessing that brings in so much to an addict that he feels grateful to God. He no longer thinks about next drink or next drug fix. Apart from physical recovery, many other great things happen too in his life. Relationships improve, friends come back etc.


You finally wake up

Drugs bring along despair, shame and guilt leading to a feeling of disconnection from the world and people around you. These feelings take time to disappear but they go completely over a period of time. In recovery you feel more awake and alert and relate to your surroundings in a better way than earlier.


You can chase your dreams

You remain more enthusiastic towards life and look forward to doing good things like pursuing your hobbies and learning some educational courses you once left during addiction. Recovery offers you to learn more about yourself so you can become the best version of yourself.You start loving yourself and shame and guilt disappear from your personality.


You become trustworthy

During addiction, responsibilities go in for a toss as the addict becomes extremely selfish and lives only for his drug and drug abuse becomes his only duty towards himself and others close to him are neglectedThey also become a victim to his bad behavior after taking drugs. Under the influence of drugs you were surely not a good son, daughter, husband, wife, coworker, friend or a relative that you could be. Addiction recovery lets u build those broken and injured relationships and become someone that your loved ones can truly count on. Such relationships are very strong as they are built on the morals of honesty, trust and humility.


You are ruled by your soul instead of your ego

The ego rules an addict’s actions, seeking instant satisfaction at every opportunity leading to misery in the long-run. Sobriety offers an addict the chance to reconnect with the soul and feed it with spiritual energy instead of substances. Such a recovery has long-lasting positive effects. With a positive frame of mind, you can take important decisions of your life and emerge as a winner.


Joy and gratitude come easily

 The more time you give to yourself the more you grow, and the more you open yourself up to the spiritual energy, the more you will naturally feel joy and gratitude all the time. Your mood swings will be gone. During addiction, happiness is achieved through drug abuse or alcohol. This is superficial and fades quickly. You start meeting friends and relatives, start some exercise routine to stay fit. Thus, love yourself and others.


You learn better options to live up to life’s challenges

An addict’s world is full of hopelessness, anxiety, negligence,  remorse and despair. Every task looks like an uphill task to him. He chooses to escape into solitude and do nothing. Challenges of life, for example makinf a career, buying house or property, education etc. seem to be non-achievable to an addict. He gets bogged down by even the simplest of tasks. They live in confusion, anxiety and fear. Addiction recovery takes you out of this grim situation of fear and you start empowering yourself to face challenges head on. It keeps you alert and enriches you towards positivity. Recovery is a long process so you cannot imagine things to change in a single day ,  the addict needs to make some sacrifices like waking up early, exercise regularly , starting something positive each morning and be alert whole day.


You actually gain more than you are losing

You may have lost drugs and alcohol but you have achieved sobriety, a new world full of hope and joy. Now you have healthier relationships with the self, family, and friends. You have become a better version of yourself. You work on your hobbies and interests now. This new you doesn’t end up messing the room rather chooses to be need and tidy and keep their home tidy as well. These are the reasons why addict has gained more in addiction recovery.


Being sober is cool

Being in an addiction recovery is pretty cool as you get respect  from family, friends and coworkers which heals you from inside and gives you mental serenity. You start doing things that make you strong, healthy, happy and self-assured individual. You rest assured that now you don’t have to hide behind drugs or alcohol to handle your precious life. Sobriety brings along respect, gratitude, happiness and mental peace.


Recovery is a complete transformation

Recovery turns you into an entirely new person. Recovery reforms you from being hopeless to hopeful, from being broken, miserable and exhausted to being optimistic, energetic and financially secure. It removes all doubts and fears of an addict and turns him into more confident being who has explored himself during addiction recovery and now capable to handle life on his own.


Recovery is a long and winding journey.Justbe rest assured that all the efforts will be worth it.






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